That Wicked Little Witch

houseOk, so I’m not normally the type to post about TV shows, however since this one happens to touch on not only one of my previous posts, but on the first comment I received on that post, I thought I would take advantage (plus, and I know this is a fictional TV show, but damn did this scenario piss me off!).

Time to focus my aggression, funnel it into something productive (no, I honestly can’t believe that this show has aggravated me so, but sometimes you just gotta role with the punches). So I guess we’ll start at the beginning: I just finished watching this season’s newest episode of House. For those of you who don’t follow the show, I’ll give you a brief rundown of the specifics relating to my little rant.

A little Background…
Two of the doctors on this show, Cameron (woman) and Chase (man) got married at the end of the last season, after two seasons of Chase first chasing Cameron down, and then the two of them working through Cameron’s dead husband issues and trust issues and whatever else. Fast-forward to this season, where Chase, in a roundabout way mind you, causes the death of an evil dictator who has put to death hundreds of thousands of his own people in cruel and violent ways because of their beliefs. This dictator reveals he is going to continue the mass murder, and Chase fudges a blood test so that he doesn’t end up being treated for the correct medical issue and he dies (his decision wasn’t entirely self-propogated…seriously, people were coming out of the woodworks to try and convince all of the doctors that they should let him die. In fact, one man actually sneaks a gun into Dictator’s room and tries to put a bullet into his head-rather unsuccessfully. Let’s also point out that even while laying in his death bed, he threatened some poor woman to give her blood to help him, risking the death and torture of her family if she refused).

So Chase spends the next few episodes suffering deeply, haunted, not able to sleep or focus, and although House and Foreman (another of the doctors- Played by Omar Epps) know his dirty little secret, and actually assist in helping him cover it up, he keeps mum about it to his wife. Cameron, worried perhaps he is having an affair, but knowing most definitely that something is amiss, tells Chase that she will be there for him, that she loves him no matter what he has done, and that he can trust her. In fact, the general theme underlying this little side plot is that he shouldn’t fear his wife, that he should trust her implicitly, and he should let her in. And so, finally, at the end of the last episode he divulges his secret.


…And now, back to it we go
With me so far? Ok, then end background history and begin the issue. At the beginning of this episode, she tells him that she forgives him, that she loves him no matter what, and that they can get through this together. And then, she decides she’s no longer in love with him and is leaving him – that he is a lost cause and that he is pretty much a monster.

Excuse me????? Sorry, but what a bitch! Not only is she full of shit, but she has the nerve to judge the poor man after he trusted her. Wow. So back to that comment and that post I was talking about. Mr. Anonymous comment from the Amateur Detectivism post very delicately suggested that women who tell men that they can trust her with their feelings and thoughts and secrets, and can open up without fear of being looked at in a different light or of losing her love are all full of shit. He also said that if you dare to make such fantastic claims that you should be more than willing and able to back them up. I am absolutely disgusted with Cameron and her wishy-washy love. Did you promise to love him for better or worse as long as the worse was within a defined category that you are more than comfortable with? So, he was able to tell you anything and you’d be there for him as long as whatever he had to tell you wasn’t terribly upsetting or disturbing to you?

Ok, let me take the time and mention that I am NOT whatsoever making the claim that I believe people should have to remain married no matter what. Nor am I saying that I personally support the concept of murder and would be an enthusiastic supporter of my man should he come home and let me know he murdered someone last month and has been hiding it from me. And I know this is a slippery slope I’m about to start climbing, but while there are certain things that I find heinous and completely unforgiveable (read: child ANYTHING abuse, rape, senseless murder) I don’t find it personally a reprehensible act to murder a man who is in favour, and is putting into practice, genocide.


I really have to agree with Mr. Anonymous. People, please don’t be hypocrites, and more importantly, please do not state you are to be completely trusted and relied on if you know you’re a little punk at heart and just couldn’t take the heat. Trust me, I tell men I am with to be open and honest with me because I am for real, and I’m tough enough to take the truth. And trust me, the things I’ve been told…like, damn…but those things never impacted my relationships because the only reason why I know to begin with is because they chose to trust me, and I have chosen by telling them that I am trustworthy to bear the burden of their conscience with them, to help lighten their load, much as I expect them to do for me. Man, women like her give us actual open, honest, and trustworthy people a bad name.

Cameron, you suck.

Wow, my first TV post ever. How did I do with my funnel/chaneling? Meh, at least I tried lol.

Anyone else an avid House watcher? What did y’all think? And even if you’re not, what would you do if ever faced with this situation?


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