Classic Ruby's Guest Appearance on The Imperfect Enjoyment Blog

classic-ruby-wine-glassClassic Ruby has finally made it to the top!! I have graciously obliged Dewan Gibson, Author of The Imperfect Enjoyment (book review coming soon) and submitted a guest blog post which was collaborated with several other extremely talented bloggers/authors (including Dewan’s as-usual hilarious two cents), peppered with relevant and diverse music video footage, and made into one mammoth collection of fatasticism!

Those of you who already have me on Twitter or Facebook I’m sure have already spent at least hours gazing in amazement at the awesomeness, but for those of you who have yet to have the pleasure (what are you waiting for, silly people, join in on the Twitter and Facebook Classic Ruby Train already!! lol) I thought I would provide the link to the splendiferous article.

As this is my first ever in life guest blog (and boy was I terrified as hell about it…I spent at least 55 hours agonizing over what in the WORLD to write that wouldn’t make me sound amateur and pathetic when compared to the professionals, when my only guidance was “This might be something long-term if…” That’s it. Like, seriously? OK, we all know I need to be hand-held through ANY assignment…I don’t know how I managed to make it out alive, but somehow it got done :-p) please be nice while mentally evaluating me!

Seriously, check it out though, cause Mr. Gibson did a fantabulous job! (yes, I am in the mood for wonderful little nonsense words. So sue me! LOL…)


2 thoughts on “Classic Ruby's Guest Appearance on The Imperfect Enjoyment Blog

  1. Embrace that gut check!! That is what makes writing fun. You put me there, embraced the principle of show, don’t tell!! Keep up the good work.
    And your shit had me doing some self reflection…


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