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So-Called Baby Brain

I am SOOO glad I don’t have kids, just for the fact that I don’t ever wanna be one of the women that
enjoys things like that lol

Yes…that is a quote said by ME lol. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t EVER want to have children and a family of my own, or that I hate children or..I don’t know, whatever other negative connotation you could have possibly gotten from that comment. Ok, lets pause for 10 seconds, and I’ll give you a brief background so you’ll get where I’m coming from…

1. I don’t have that many female friends, on account of the fact that I find most women I encounter to be (more…)

Slam Saturdays: She

Sorry, for some reason this post did not go out yesterday like it was supposed to. Better late than never, especially for this piece. The poet gives an intro to her piece, so I’ll let her do the speaking for me.

*edit* apparently this poem link is dead, and I’m having some trouble finding it. But, as soon as I do I’ll have the updated link added to the post. Sorry y’all


Karaoke…and NOT being a doormat (or Mattress)

Image taken from http://selnadeem.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/lock-vagina.jpg, altered by RubySo, this weekend wasn’t the most exciting, definitely not the least. But one thing I determined is that sometimes enjoyment can come in the smallest of packages. I mean, I love karaoke, love Shooters, love the company at Shooters (otherwise why would I ever return? :-p) so of course I would love karaoke at Shooters. But, I don’t know, something (more…)