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The Alternative Sexuality In YOU

Azmarie collage
Oddly, I think she’s absolutely GORGEOUS…but ONLY when she’s not all made up like a girl. To me, her androgynous/boyish look is strikingly beautiful.

I found the woman who I was meant to spend my life with: well, the one I was meant to spend my life with in an parallel universe where I’m a lesbian or, at the very least, bisexual. Actually, ever since I first saw Azmarie Livingston on America’s Next Top Model, I kinda wished that my sexuality was a choice: I would totally choose to be a lesbian for this chick. It’s not some desire to sleep with her, by the way, although I do think she’s absolutely stunning. It’s actually a desire to be with her. Generally, I have always found the female form, and faces, more aesthetically pleasing. However, although I can admire truly gorgeous or beautiful women, I never feel any form of sexual attraction to them. Now that being said, I honestly don’t on-sight feel any sexual attraction to men, either. However, it’s not like I’m asexual and I NEVER feel sexual attraction, either. I know, I know – I’m a weirdo – I’ve always felt like either I’m a complete freak, or like everyone else is lying: how could you, by looking at someone alone, get all hot and bothered?? (more…)

Hate Valentine’s Day ‘Cause You Analyze TOO Damn Much???


This Valentine’s Day, I think rather than focusing on the things that can make love between the races/cultures different, we should focus on some universal questions that we should all be asking ourselves when we’re evaluating either our relationships this V-Day and celebrating/lamenting our love (lost), or figuring out exactly how to prevent our lack of a significant other cloud our judgment to the point where perhaps we end up doing something we regret.

But really, what is love? Let’s pretend that Valentine’s Day isn’t some bastardized commercially driven holiday. Let’s pretend it’s really all about love. At what point in your life, in your relationships development do you think that you’ve actually attained the kind of love that on some level we all hold up as the standard of perfection? Should it be based on things like extreme actions that you’d be willing to (more…)

Slam Sundays: Regression to the Mean


Hey y’all,

So, I think I’ve come up with a MAJOR way to help race relations in North America. In research, Regression To The Mean means that eventually, the more tests you do, you’ll find your results will tend to be closer to average than to any extreme. After you’ve read this post, and watched the videos, I’ll explain how this concept could help society, as a whole.

Spoken Word, for me, is the only true way of bringing written words to life. The words, alone, are animated and embodied by the poet, and the experience is the same as being sucked solely through (more…)

Puppy-Dog Philanderer’s: Cheating & Relationships: Part 3

I’ve been getting some emails, as well as being asked by some friends, about cheating concerns… rather than rewrite about topics I’ve already covered, I figured reintroducing you all to my three part series on cheating and relationships might be just the thing to do in this situation. So enjoy y’all, I hope for those of you with questions it’ll help give your situation some clarity. For some of your more specific questions that aren’t answered by this series, stay tuned for the follow up… part 4 of this series coming soon to a Classic Ruby post near you!

Classic Ruby: Unadulterated

So, you’re in a great relationship. Your mate treats you very well, you get along great and share everything with each other, have passed that 3 year mark and are even talking about moving in with one another/getting married/having kids/__________(insert taking it to the next level example here), and then BAM!, without warning you find that your mate is spending more and more time online chatting, spending more time with a friend or co-worker, or arranging to see that play they really were dying to see with someone special-with someone else. You, being the fully secure, rational human being

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Slam Saturdays: On Sex y’all

I know I’ve been scarce this week, and I apologize. All the agonizing and preparing for my 5 day hospital stay starting this coming Monday has clearly been affecting me more than I thought it was, because boy has time flown! But neither rain, nor hail, nor personal catastrophe can get me to forget about my beloved Slam Saturdays. This weekend, I’ve got a special one lined up for you. Since we’ve been talking all about sex his past couple weeks, I thought I’d keep up the theme for Slam Saturdays. Now, I know you’ve already gotten a little dose of Spoken Word Sex from the gorgeous Laith’s Brain Sex, but here are a few more that I think will do this topic justice. Enjoy (more…)

Lets Talk About Sex: Partie Deux

If you missed part one, you should definitely get caught up. Catch it here.

The first thing I did before even trying to initiate “the talk” with this teenager I would always see as about 7, was agonize for days. Sleepless nights, anxiety filled days, damn-near frantic conversations with anybody I thought could impart some helpful wisdom… I don’t know WHAT I was expecting, maybe some gentle, care-filled utterances and murmurs, some assurances that it wouldn’t be quite so difficult all I would have to do is __________ (insert perfect answer here), maybe even some sympathizers who totally understood my utter desolate lost confusion as to how to deal with this damn situation.  Instead, what I got were along the lines of the following few “helpful” reactions: (more…)

Lets Talk About Sex

Seriously. And I don’t mean the hot and sweaty stuff, the fun, slipping and sliding side, the violent and traumatic and emotionally devastating stuff. I mean really, truly break it down.

What is sex, what are the basic good, the basic bad, the basic beauties and the basic dead ass uglies that come with that teeny tiny three letter word that packs more of a punch than any 12 letter word I can (more…)

All Women Are Prostitutes

…Or so suggests many women who engage in legalized forms of prostitution. From talk-show exclusives to magazines to documentaries, the legalized sex trade has been all the rage as of lately. And who can really blame to media for capitalizing on the newest lifestyle trend to hit North America: guilt-free sexual activity. From pointers on keeping physically and emotionally safe before, during, and after one night stands, to ways in which women can keep their sex drives at max 24-7, to more scandalous things like the rise in sexting and real-life amateur pornography making its way to the world wide web, sex seems to be the newest cause of and solution to all of life’s problems (coming in second only to drugs and alcohol…which certainly have never obtained such global acceptance and wide ranges of age groups glamourizing it) (more…)

Maybe It’s Them: But It’s Probably You, Too

not-meFirst off, I would like to say that this post has been inspired by a post I have been reading and following on another blog, Naked With Socks On. This topic ended up being so fiery, so inflammatory, that the last I checked after only a few days it has topped the most commented on post I have ever laid eyes on. Last I checked it was at 190 comments!. Anyway, the post was specifically aimed at analyzing one woman’s comment to another post he had made earlier in the week. The woman, he said, clearly suffered from Angry Woman Syndrome, and was more than a wee bit jaded when it came to the topic of men and sex. And seriously, it was QUITE obviously that this woman had had some seriously jacked up experiences with men – more specifically, only seemed to find men interested in ONE thing, which was especially problematic for her as she was saving herself for marriage. The commenter of focus, Shannon, does end up responding, and getting into quite a few (more…)

Hot Roxxxy: Robotic Girlfriend a.k.a. Sex Doll

The 2K10 version has come a LOOONG way from this laughingstock!

Yes, it’s true. The Blow-Up Doll has just been brought into the 21st century. No, it’s not just that they have made a more “life-like” expression on it’s face, more human-like skin, or real human hair you can brain or flat iron! No, no, no, don’t be ridiculous folks. What they’ve done is ALL THOSE THINGS only they’ve SO taken things too far. This is no longer just a blow-up doll, it’s a “virtual girlfriend” that you can program to be whatever you want her to be (Robot Boyfriend apparently coming soon). You have GOT to see this video! (footage below) (more…)