No Means No: So Stay Off My Ass!!

Some people just need to learn how to accept “no” as an answer. Especially when it comes to dating and interest. For example, I say “I HAVE a man, and no I DON’T cheat, and no I don’t DISRESPECT him, so therefore no, I will not go on a date with you”. And the man continues, every 10 minutes or so, to try again. Like seriously? Did you think that the 40th time might be the charm? Did you think your appalling lack of disrespect for me, my morals, and my happiness in my relationship would be the thing to crack me, make me realize that I would prefer to be a lying, cheating whore? Oh. Just wondering. Because it doesn’t seem like some of these dudes are playing with a full deck.

For that matter, doesn’t seem like some of these chicks out there are, either. “I know he’s got a girl, but it’s all good, I’ll just put on my ‘fuck em’ dress, and he’ll crawl right up in me!”. Well maybe, you idiot, but did you really think you could steal him away from his girlfriend? And even if you DO end up stealing him away, is that really the kind of man you want to be with? One who would leave you when a prettier, fancy new p*$$* swings his way, and say to hell with your years of love and devotion and relationship? OHHH, wait I TOTALLY get it. The whore who stole him away from his girlfriend is THE ONE for him and therefore he would NEVER do that to YOU right? Because he will take said whore SO much more seriously! *rolls eyes*

What people need to do when they are looking for someone to share their life with is to start off with the premise that the starting point for a relationship is two people who are ACTUALLY available….not technically available, not “you could make them happier than HE can”… single and available. Now, I’m not saying I have never been that girl. In high school, I prided myself on being able to play with anyone’s boyfriend that I wanted to. I wasn’t a whore, mind you. I would target specific individuals with the purpose of getting them to cheat on their girlfriend with me whenever I wanted them. I liked the power I had over that one man; it was like a pseudo-relationship. I got everything i wanted from a relationship – pleasure, attention, praise, worship, power…without all the annoying little details like love or caring or having to hear about your problems…like, spare me!

Anyway, that was highschool. And, for those of you who knew this, my ex did in fact have a girlfriend when I met him, but they were on their way out, and I refused to actually date him until after they were over officially. Of course, that didn’t save me from him going back to his exes on occassion (apparently, they still enjoyed the joy of being able to have power over someone else’s man…lucky me, they just couldn’t let mine go) but the whole point is, that whole mindframe is immature and childish, and should be left behind when you leave teenagehood behind. Period. And yes, this applies to men too.

Like, seriously, stop that tired-ass line “does he make you happy? Girl let me….______(insert officious sounding bullshit here)” . Especially if I tell you I already have a man. I’m not just saying it to be cute: I do. And even if I was just saying it to be cute, get the message: I AM looking for a man, I just don’t want him to be you. You can charm the pants off of me, take me on a bunch of expensive ass dates, buy me some Chanel…something (Ok, don’t buy me Chanel, or whatever other brand name…I just don’t get it. I like the way Stitches jeans fit me. And I refuse to buy a baby tee that costs more than 10 bucks, and if I pay that much it better be special!) and ultimately it won’t make her feel you any more than she did at first…now you just get to be the “awesome friend” who has a reputation to maintain for being generous and rich, even though you spent yourself into the poorhouse getting her all that bling.

JUST TAKE PEOPLE AT THEIR WORD!! Listen, there are lots of thirsty-azz ladies out there! Lots and lots who are willing to climb into bed with anything with a pulse even though they HAVE their loving man at home. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. Like I said, 20th time is NOT the charm, and no, you disrespecting me and treating me like all I need is enough talk and you can crawl right into my panties while I clear you a path. Ummmm, no. Even if I was single, it just ain’t that easy. Sorry buddy. Just take no for an answer. You can’t have it, it’s not up for debate, and now if I am ever single and lonely, you DEFINITELY don’t make the list of people I should call.


LOL sorry, that’s been bothering me since last night, when some dude said, after I spent much time telling him I don’t disrespect my man, so I would never do anything to hurt him or anything he wouldn’t be comfortable with me doing, as in, crossing any lines, “I just wanna caress you!” which was the last straw to me, because he would just come out with this random shit and it pissed me off. Royally. So I said “stop that or you get blocked..I told you dude, I have a man and I respect him…don’t disrespect me, I don’t stand for that shit!”. He didn’t talk to me again. LMAO!


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