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Hate Valentine’s Day ‘Cause You Analyze TOO Damn Much???

source: dumbpeopleannoyme.blogspot.com

This Valentine’s Day, I think rather than focusing on the things that can make love between the races/cultures different, we should focus on some universal questions that we should all be asking ourselves when we’re evaluating either our relationships this V-Day and celebrating/lamenting our love (lost), or figuring out exactly how to prevent our lack of a significant other cloud our judgment to the point where perhaps we end up doing something we regret.

But really, what is love? Let’s pretend that Valentine’s Day isn’t some bastardized commercially driven holiday. Let’s pretend it’s really all about love. At what point in your life, in your relationships development do you think that you’ve actually attained the kind of love that on some level we all hold up as the standard of perfection? Should it be based on things like extreme actions that you’d be willing to (more…)

Slam Sundays: Things I’m Ashamed of and Things That Don’t Shame Me (Even if YOU Think They Should)

So. I was gonna do a deep and meaningful Slam Sundays. I really, truly was. But I just love this chicks style so very, very much. I was beyond entertained, and I think we all deserve to catch a message and a chuckle. That, and I’ve come down with the flu and feel like death on wheels. Soooooo I’ll save that whole deep and meaningful theme for next week and instead throw some “just because they’re entertaining as hell” poetry slams your way. So check it out y’all, and enjoy!

See? Tell me you didn’t laugh, at least twice. Ok, so the next one, was funny and yet awesome, in the fact that it’s actually social commentary on a whole different type of “ism”. Hmmmm, what could I call it? (more…)

Maybe It’s Them: But It’s Probably You, Too

not-meFirst off, I would like to say that this post has been inspired by a post I have been reading and following on another blog, Naked With Socks On. This topic ended up being so fiery, so inflammatory, that the last I checked after only a few days it has topped the most commented on post I have ever laid eyes on. Last I checked it was at 190 comments!. Anyway, the post was specifically aimed at analyzing one woman’s comment to another post he had made earlier in the week. The woman, he said, clearly suffered from Angry Woman Syndrome, and was more than a wee bit jaded when it came to the topic of men and sex. And seriously, it was QUITE obviously that this woman had had some seriously jacked up experiences with men – more specifically, only seemed to find men interested in ONE thing, which was especially problematic for her as she was saving herself for marriage. The commenter of focus, Shannon, does end up responding, and getting into quite a few (more…)

No Means No: So Stay Off My Ass!!

Some people just need to learn how to accept “no” as an answer. Especially when it comes to dating and interest. For example, I say “I HAVE a man, and no I DON’T cheat, and no I don’t DISRESPECT him, so therefore no, I will not go on a date with you”. And the man continues, every 10 minutes or so, to try again. Like seriously? Did you think (more…)