Take a look at my post, and then your post, and then my post…

old-spice…and then your post again. Yeah, my post is still funnier…LOL! I swear, I’m going somewhere with this. Well, barely. But you’ll enjoy the ride, and hopefully get a couple chuckles in to brighten your Monday!

This Old Spice commercial is just too hilarious! Fellow blogger (although as he reminded the rest of us bloggers on twitter our blogs are certainly NOT his blog LOL-Don’t worry, he’s not actually a prick, you’ll totally understand after you see the commercial) NWSO is the one who introduced me to this little slice of awesomeness. And I, being the gracious and loving and wonderful person that I am, decided to jump right on to my editor and get right to creating a new post so that I may share it with all of the rest of you.

I decided I couldn’t just stop at one commercial, no matter how entirely hilarious it was. So I decided in the spirit of giggles that I would search high and wide across the internet (and memory) and present a few more commercials that I think are pretty darned funny :-p. This next commercial I found at funnycommercials.ca. We’ve all seen the sweet, romantic, or even sometimes quirky Mastercard commercials. But I can bet you’ve never seen this one!

I know, I know…your jaw totally dropped at the end didn’t it!? I really wasn’t expecting that at ALL, but it was wonderful! Go Mastercard, go!

For those of you who missed the Weird and Wild facts on Alcohol post you can catch it here. Sure you can read the facts (which are great) however, there’s also an absolutely HILARIOUS video about why extremely drunk ass people should NEVER go on a beer run…or generally venture out into public unescorted. Check that vid out, I know it’s not a commercial, but it’s certainly gonna get you laughing your butt off this Monday morning! And I will just say here and now, if I ever catch anybody, I don’t care who you are, going on so in public I will expose your ass. In a second. ALL OVER YOUTUBE and my blog and facebook, and just about anywhere else I can think of.

And on that note I must say, and you know who you are, you came damn close this weekend to that level. Luckily for you you run your mouth much more than you actually stumble about or make a mockery of yourself. And I didn’t have my camera on me (which I will never, ever forgive myself for). But it’s OK girl, you just need to sit down next time and just *chill the fuck out!*!! LMAO!! The new inside joke of the century. I wish you could have heard it! You would still be laughing. I know I am).

When I first came across this snickers commercial I swear the first time it tripped me out. The second time I laughed my butt off. The third time it occurred to me that I wanted a Snickers all the sudden. Just saying

Now, it just occurred to me that apparently I really have a thing for commercials, on account of the fact that I have actually done a couple posts and used commercials as my media. Most recently there was the post with my debate on what to do about my Windows operating system, which gave you the Mac/PC Windows 7 commercial. But, my love affair with the Mac/PC commercials started long ago. In fact, I imported from my old blog a mini post on a South Park Mac/PC spoof…I was madly in love with this commercial spoof for years, and you can be too as soon as you check it out.

Ok, don’t play this next commercial if you are in a place where you should most definitely only be playing PG…trust me, if you don’t listen you’ll regret it after about 7 seconds. But it most certainly is worth a watch. Probably the funniest foreign commercial I have seen in my life

I just had to throw this one in. I stumbled upon it as I was looking for my closing act and I actually laughed out loud when it got to the end!

And last but certainly not least, I would like to present you with this commercial. Earlier I gave you a to a video that would certainly prove that drunkeness in public is not cute. This commercial will show you that while beauty certainly isn’t everything, operating without intelligence in public is certainly not the best of ideas!

I hope you enjoyed my little giggle fest inspired by the Old Spice commercial up there. If you have any other hilarious commercials you can share the links here or email me classicruby@rogers.com and I will add them to the post!

Anywho, Happy Monday y’all! I hope this week will be full of smiles and good things for each and every one of ya!


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