Have a Healthy Body Image: But a Healthy Body Matters

morbid-obesity Hey y’all,

I’m sick as a dog right now, with what I am assuming is the flu. All I know is that I feel awful in every sense of the word and I spend most of my life curled up in my bed, in the dark, asleep. I’m never even hungry. If you know me, you know that that must mean I am VERY sick, cause I still love me my food even though every time I eat it causes me extreme abdominal pain (diagnosis hopefully coming soon). Anyway, as a result, I desperately need my rest. But I can’t leave y’all hanging! So, I found a post I made in a blog back in 2008. My general opinions on weight, body image, and self confidence haven’t changed, although some aspects of my size and my life have (dramatically) changed since the point in time that this was written. Either way, it’s a good look into the Classic Ruby mindframe at an earlier and different point in time. Enjoy!

I have come to a couple conclusions. the first is that I will never ever be a size 6, as much as it seems to be a much coveted size, but I think the most important revelation is that I have no interest in being that small. Ok, so I’m a ‘curvy’ size eleven right now, and I would love to be a ‘slightly less luxuriously curvy’ nine…that being said I am more that happy with myself right now.

I suppose most of you have no idea who I am, so let me tell you right now as a teen I was that ridiculous size two. and no I didn’t starve myself, or go on a diet, or whatever, honestly it was much easier to maintain than we all hear. Actually I dropped 10 dress sizes in 4 months (Go Tae-Bo!!!!) and after that it was nothing to be my size.

lol…so fast forward nine years from that time and I have learned the hard lesson that it is just not possible to maintain being a stick while eating whatever you want. that being said, i am sorry for all of you women who disagree, but stop bitching and moaning about the size you are and how hard life is for you because you cannot be your perfect size.

And here is where you might be confused….I don’t say to just ‘be fat’ and accept it as who you are because you are beautiful inside…I am sure you are beautiful inside, but don’t be fat. It doesn’t take much to keep your body a little tight and a little maintained, so beautiful girls, take note, don’t get lazy and don’t let idiots tell you what to feel on either side…..

lol..sounds hypocritical don’t it?? lol…I totally agree until you hear it all…so bear with me. Ladies, don’t be on some idiotic diet, or deprive yourself because you gotta lose weight or dress sizes or whatever…so dumb. But if you feel you can’t sit down without gasping for air, or you climb a flight of stairs and get a bit short of breath it is time to do something with yourself. Seriously, don’t let the women’s lib stuff make you a 900 lb woman who needs to have a wall of their home broken down to get ’em out of their house for emergency medical reasons just cause you don’t have to be like the women in the magazines…no you should not try to be like the women in the magazines…but don’t try to be so unlike them that you become nasty as a result

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed a throwback Classic Ruby post. What did you think? Do I sound younger, does it seem as though my opinions have changed much over the years? Do you agree with me, or TOTALLY disagree (LOL don’t worry, I got thick skin, I dish it out and you dun know I can take it!!)? Don’t be shy, I’d love (as always) to hear your opinion, either here or if you would like it to remain private you can always email me @ classicruby@rogers.com. So just before I go back to curl up into the fetal position and pray this is only the 72 hour flu (lol yeah right, not with my luck) I wanted to give you one of the comments I got on this post (who knows? Might be a good jump off spot for you?)

Hey Playgrrl,
I just read over your blog and could not agree with you more that there is a balance, which people must find in their lives with respect to their physique and their health. Too often people try to conform to the norms or standards in society without really thinking about why they are doing what they are doing. Most individuals exercise or workout because they believe that they will become instantly beautiful and a magazine told them so. On the other hand, some people generally feel as if they have been objectified by society or that it is too difficult to stay in good shape, so they do absolutely nothing for their health or physique, which could quite possibly lead them down the path towards obesity. In my opinion, it is all about loving yourself and being happy with what you see in the mirror every morning. Forget what everybody else says, forget what everybody else does and do your own thing, for at the end of the day there is only one person in this world who you can truly please and that is yourself. That being said and as hypocritical as it is I do concur with you in that, if you have a high body fat percentage then you should seek assistance or take the necessary measures to get your BF down to a healthy percentage, that is manageable for you. Anyways, very insightful blog and thanks for the read.


I swear to God he actually signed it AT&T, which was odd because that wasn’t his user name. LOL Anywho, what did you think of his response? Do you think it was a good extension of the topic? Do you agree or disagree with him? What about as a whole? How did this article rub you? As always, even in my sickest of times, your feedback is always greatly appreciated! And if you’re new to Classic Ruby (or if you just wanna read the awesomeness again! LOL Sorry, I think the cold medication and cough syrup are combining lol) you might want to check out this article on a woman who’s taking responsibility for her health, or my rant on people needing to take more accountability for their lives and their weight/size.

Here’s hoping you’re in MUCH better health than I am


4 thoughts on “Have a Healthy Body Image: But a Healthy Body Matters

  1. I totally agree and know where you are coming from! I am all about self confidence and loving yourself the way you are. However to me that means also taking care of yourself. I believe when you truly have a respect and love for yourself you will treat your body that way. That means taking care of yourself physically.

    “Ladies, don’t be on some idiotic diet, or deprive yourself because you gotta lose weight or dress sizes or whatever…so dumb”

    I tried to tell my sister this all the time. It is not about dieting. It’s about being healthy and a normal weight and feeling your best.


  2. I agree 100% with you and with AT&T (funny! i didn’t catch that at first) you should be happy w/ yourself because yourself is something to be happy with. nobody has to be a size 0 but it is unreasonable to say your happy at a size 22. great post as usual i love your opinions on this issue


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