White Men Can't Jump…buuut White Mommy's CAN Rhyme!!!

I have some awesome facebook friends… one’s who find the most deep, touching, meaningful and powerful quotes or sayings and make them their status, who daily post some mind-boggling brain teasers, who always gift the thing I always wanted in my Cafe, and who religiously go through all 600 of my new photos and make witty, complimentary and generally well thought out commentary on each of them (shut-up: you know that people on your list going through your photos and commenting makes you feel damn special too! :-p lol). I’ve got those friends who have their entire timelines either spammed with thousands of Farmville updates or random videos (like, seriously? How many favourite songs per day can you POSSIBLY have?) who seriously get on my nerves, and the one’s who TRY desperately to say something that will make them look deep and contemplative but have so many typos, grammatical errors and awful uses of the words there their and they’re that all I want to do is correct the damn thing like I’m their grade 9 English teacher. It can be difficult with all that’s going on in the wonderful world of facebook to try and separate the quality from the craptacular quantity, but occassionally if you’re dilligent (or very, very bored with lots of extra time on your hands) you stumble across something that you can only describe as golden…the following video falls directly into the golden, oh hell, PLATINUM, category!

Apparently, which I did not notice any of the 500 times I actually watched the video, this is an ad for the van. I seriously never noticed. I know, I know…you’re all like ‘ummmm Ruby, can’t you read? Didn’t you see the name of the video?”. But I just thought it was a cutesy little chorus to bring together the whole theme…well, I won’t go on any further. Please…check it out. Don’t worry, there’s nothing offensive whatsoever about this video, so feel free to watch it in public, at work (if you’re allowed to watch videos and such…if not, do it at your own risk), or in front of your kids (unless you find cleverness to be something too offensive for your children to witness).

LOLOL!!! Awesome, no? I don’t know how I missed this little bit of advertisement…But then again after NWSO shared with me the Old Spice commercial I had NEVER before seen (which I honestly only saw on TV for the first time last week…seriously) it started occuring to me that either I’m not particularly observant, or I’m just not watching the right shows at the right time. Hmmmm….. LOL!!  Anyway, so while looking on youtube to try and find this wonderous video, I came across another…the introduction of this completely awesome family. Sure, they’re not displaying their lyrical skill in this video, but nonetheless the commentary is hilarious…please…watch and enjoy!

I think I’m in love with these parents, and I’m pretty much planning on making a vow, right here and now, to be just like them when I’m a parent. LOL I just actually sighed and smiled because the commercials started running through my mind again. Hopefully you were as thoroughly entertained as I was.

Happy Hilarious Hump Day Y’all!! (hehehehe… a hilarious hump…sounds so sexual…I gotta rename this day, for real! HA!)


2 thoughts on “White Men Can't Jump…buuut White Mommy's CAN Rhyme!!!

  1. this is the corniest people ever to be parents but they are really funny. they remind me of a segment of Mad TV from a long time ago remember the literally couple?


    1. @LinaLee
      LOL! Yes, actually I do remember them! I have very vivid images in my mind of them sitting at a school play or performance or something totally bashing all the kids who went on the stage, and all the outraged parents’ reactions! I miss Nicole! She needs to go back to Mad TV, it hasn’t been the same without her!


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