Slam Saturdays: At 13

I stumbled upon this one today while actually looking for a completely different artist. Never heard of him before, never heard of the poem before, but all I could say while listening was “damn he’s good!”. I seriously got chills while listening to the man speak. I seriously took his words to heart, listened to the message within the message, let it get deep into my soul…and that was all before the end, when they explained the little details that finally made it come together for me: this was so honest, so pure, so real, and so deep. It was an experience for me. I hope it ends up being the same for you.

Just one more thing: intolerance and ignorance pisses me right the hell off. It really does. I mentioned how much I hate ignorance in a previous post, and defined it for y’all that may have been misusing the word. Just as you’d think it was stupid if someone told you “I’m not black anymore. I choose to be Chinese” it’s stupid to think someone can choose their sexual orientation just cause thats how they want it. It’s genetically predetermined…you think kids would choose a life of misery and social outcasting for attention? Cause it’s…what? Certainly isn’t cool… not in this society. My heart bleeds for the child who killed himself because at 13 he realized he was growing up and started to be sexually attracted to others…unfortunately his crush on Sam was on Samson not Samantha as his parents had assumed and that just was NOT acceptable to them…

Your father would rather you dead than be gay? Seriously? I don’t understand people anymore. That’s just…pathetic. And disgusting. If you’re someone who actually thinks like that and would say that to your child, probably breathing a sigh of relief that they died before they could out themselves and bring shame upon your family, just don’t talk to me anymore. Seriously, you don’t even have to tell me why. I just don’t wanna know you.

Thank you, Kenneth, for sharing this poem with the world. I hope your message gets the worldwide recognition it deserves, and I hope this drives home the message to at least SOME of the people who have been living FAR too long in the dark ages.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!


6 thoughts on “Slam Saturdays: At 13

  1. Not into the gay thing at all. can’t say i’d like it if my child came to me with this. but i could never imagine one thing my own flesh and blood could do that would make me say or think i wish they were dead Instead of it. except diddling. but if my own could do that i’d probably wish death on me and jail on them. great poem choice, made you think


    1. @Anonymous
      I guess that’s the whole point: we all have our own opinions in life, all have things we do and don’t agree with, and things we prefer to stay away from. But, I think you’d have to be some kinda awful to tell your kid you’d wish death on them. Seriously. I’m happy you enjoyed the poem though, it’s whole intent, the whole intent of Slam Saturdays, infact, is to help us take a few minutes if only once a week, to expand our minds and allow ourselves to contemplate things we might otherwise never even briefly consider. Thanks for your comment. And I agree with wishing I were dead if my own child were to become a child molester…honestly, I don’t know WHAT I would do, but I would think there were some pretty damn serious flaws in my parenting if my kids could sexually abuse children, or other adults for that matter. Hmmm…could be a blog topic. Thanks for making ME think today


  2. havent comented in a while still but I wanted to say I love what your doing with this getting slam poetry popular on your blog. and I heard this one before but can never hear it enough, its such a important message! Im glad you refreshed this one, and my love of this shit in my mind! You go girl!


    1. @Dlite
      Thanks for your comment, girl, I hope you’ve been silent but still present! 😉 Slam poetry is such an awesome art form, and while I think it’s gaining popularity in general, I do hope my little contribution to its publicity helps it out, if only somewhat! This poem really did blow me away when I first heard it, there was no way I could even search for another poem once I found it, I knew this was the one! Hopefully you’ll like next weeks as much as this weeks, I’m gonna keep the quality level as high as humanly possible! If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to email them to me, I’d love your input!


  3. This poem almost brought tears to my eyes. He is good. I would NEVER turn my child away if he or she were gay. People are so judgmental. You do not choose your sexuality. People are suppose to love unconditionally and I don’t care what no religion said. The God I know and love loves EVERYONE. NO JUDGMENT. God accepts everyone gay, straight or in between. It’s people that are judgmental. They try to make others feel unwanted or less than because they themselves feel unwanted and less then. They grow up with all these false beliefs and are not willing to open their minds and hearts. Everyone is different and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and love. This was a great post.


    1. @GinaMarie
      You totally hit the nail on the head. I wish more people in the world thought the way you do, it would be a much happier place full of well adjusted and content people, instead of full of the hate, judgement and superficial bias that it is today. I wish people could stop putting others down and start uplifting the other beings that are humankind…thanks for your reply, it really touched me.


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