This Dad Sure Delivered!!!!

Occassionally on Mondays it’s nice to hear about a nice, cute, inspirational thing that happened. I spoke with a friend of mine on MSN today after not having spoke with him in quite a while. In fact, the last time I had a conversation with him he told me that his wife was pregnant with their second child. So, of course, the first questions I had were “Sooo…your wife had the baby, right? Was it a boy or a girl? When was it born? What did you name it?” and eagerly hit ‘send’. The little ‘replying’ bubble popped up in the corner and I reread my response quickly to make sure that in my excitement I hadn’t accidentally sent off some gibberish which he was currently reading while staring at the screen quizzically, trying to decide whether to make a guess at what my message was or to just respond with a ‘what?’ so that way I would repeat what I said, hopefully more carefully and therefore clearly.

After rereading, I realized that perhaps referring to his baby, which was no doubt at least a few months old by now as “it” wasn’t the most graceful thing to do. My Uncle once got pissed off at my Mother for referring to one of his children as the “kid” rather than “her nephew”. SMH OK, so this was during some ridiculous argument where he was CLEARLY in the wrong at the time and he was trying to weasel his way out of feeling guilty about it. So, who knows whether it would have really bothered him or not? Or whether any OTHER rational human being would have been bothered… But since I didn’t know, I cringed, inwardly disappointed at myself and secretly hoping he’d be too enthralled in speaking about his wonderful family to notice my little “it” factor. Luckily, he didn’t mention it “phew!”, what he sent me was the following video. After waiting about 23 and 3/4 minutes for the stupid link to finally open (because computers hate me…the seriously, seriously do…you remember all the computer woes I’ve had!) I got to see why this was his answer to my questions…check it out!

(sorry for the link rather than an embedded video, but the site that has the video OFFERS an embed code that does NOT actually let the video play once it’s on your site…I’ll try and get that fixed, but for now you’ll have to temporarily deviate and check it out here

In answer to your question, no, they most certainly did NOT name their child Scarlett (I would have been appalled if they did). And yes, that is my friend, his wife, and his new (and older) addition to the family. Boy, was I ever excited to see his face pop up on the screen as soon the the segment started…more amazingly, of course, was the fact that he managed to deliver a baby single handedly while in the backseat of the family car. Like, holy crap batman, I thought things like that only happened in the movies, or on the news but to other people you don’t know (and secretly think the news people made up just so they could have a decent human interest story. Or maybe that’s just me. You see why I don’t watch the news? I’m clearly too sceptical to even believe the human interest stories lol). It’s amazing to know somebody I have known for honestly more than half of my life (OK, someone I met more than half of my lifetime ago and occassionally keep in touch with…but hey, who’s picking nits in a time like this?) was in such a situation.

“You have no choice” he says earnestly, looking up at the story-hungry reporter. But you know what Richie? You DID in fact have a choice. You could have acted too freaked out to do it, you could have kept driving, praying to God you’d make it to the hospital in time, you could have let the panic and the pressure get a hold of you and been screaming your head off with your wife. But no, you stayed calm, stared straight into the face of terror and danger and said “cool. *shrugs* lets do this man”. I’m sure your wife STILL tells him to this day how much his calm, his cool head is what got them through. And I truly believe it is. So kudos Mr. Sinclair. In this day and age of dead-beat-dadism, barely there barely care husbands, and people who HATE taking accountability for any damn thing (or so it seems), you did something awesomely amazing, something admirable, something timeless. Something that would scare most men into a coma just thinking about (remember that Fresh Prince scene y’all? In case you’re wondering, it’s Season 3 Episode 11 that I’m referring to ;-)!) you managed to do. While remaining calm.

See, now I feel all cool and confident, like I could do anything at all, conquer the world, fight a bear and win! *sighs contentedly* I love inspirational stories. I love that I KNOW this one personally. Well, 1/4 of it at least. I have yet to meet the rest of the miracle family, once they become accustomed to having little Ms. Miracle in their lives (and all the other fun stuff that comes with new babies) we’ll have to go bowling or something. I’ve officially (and very publicly) put you on notice, Mr. Sinclair, don’t disappoint the Classic Ruby readers now lol!

Hope y’all got a bit of inspiration from that to help kick off this week on a positive note!

Happy Monday Y’all!


8 thoughts on “This Dad Sure Delivered!!!!

  1. This really was an inspiration! Its amazing what we can do with Gods help when were put in this kinda position! Humans are capable of amazing things!


  2. still LMFAO @ “I thought things like that only happened in the movies, or on the news but to other people you don’t know (and secretly think the news people made up just so they could have a decent human interest story. Or maybe that’s just me. You see why I don’t watch the news? I’m clearly too sceptical to even believe the human interest stories lol).” -who does that? are you for real? LMFAO even harder now when i think of yo ass when ur 80 and givin side eye to everythang cuz it must be some kinda hoax LOL


    1. @Dlite
      Oh, I am 100% serious! I’m telling you, I’m SO gonna be one of those old ladies who thinks everything is a conspiracy! Trust me, I’m pretty much there now, just without the white hair! lol


  3. My dad has delivered our last four babies 🙂 The first time was because the midwife didn’t get there in time, the other three were because, where we live now, a midwife can’t deliver at home, and my mom wanted homebirth. All four deliveries have been safe and successful. So, tell your friend he’s not the only one out there!


    1. @EldestOfNine
      OMG wow! Your dad is certainly an extraordinarily brave and loving man to be able to do it not one but FOUR TIMES?!?!? Thanks for sharing your story, I’m glad to know my friend isn’t the only daddy willing to go waaaayyy beyond the extra mile for his kids and wife nowadays!


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