Slam Saturdays: Mind Sex

OK, first of all, I just wanna say that I did NOT pick this poem because the speaker (Laith) happens to be too sexy for words. Hand to God, I didn’t. Ok, MAAYYYBE I decided to WATCH the video because the still image of him, even in what would have been an awkward pose for someone else was positively captivating…and maybe, just maybe I managed to sit through the first 1/3 of the video where he introduces himself only because I couldn’t stop watching his lips speak, couldn’t help but watch the sexy yet innocent glint in his eye, trying to determine why it is that he seemed to be some creature decended directly from God’s special batch of sexually irresistible beings…

Sorry, what was I saying again?

Oh yeah…

So no, I didn’t pick this video for any of those reasons. (Or any other reason based on something sexual or attraction-based). It was because, quite frankly, his poetry, the basis of his poem, the words which he spoke were equally as beautifully, artistically and inspirationally crafted as his stunningly gorgeous face. Now, before I manage to distract myself any further [is it getting hot in here?…just joking (not really)] I’m gonna let y’all watch this video. Seriously, ladies, prepare yourselves…this is one of the sexiest and most riviting Spoken Word poems I’ve come across…not because of the speaker (seriously) but because of what he says. Men, take note, this is (or should be) the basis of every single successful, happy, and completely satisfying relationship you have with a member of the opposite sex (or at least the ones with more to them than a fantastic rack and a mean blow job!)

Mmmmmm….he can f*** my mind ANYTIME!! LOL…speaking of which…I think it’s high time I get the hell off of this computer and onto my, I mean, go pay some attention to, my boyfriend. πŸ˜‰ Perhaps we can have some mind sex of our own (or whatever other kinda sex comes to be! LOLOL!!!!)

Have a great weekend y’all!


Finding an Above-The-Belt Connection

[Editors Note]: Since this is Classic Ruby’s 100th post and all, we figured we’d throw in a lil’ extra sumthin’ sumthin’. No, it’s not cake and cookies to the first 100 viewers, that would be impractical. And with allergies and all the legal ramifications could be disastrous. Instead, let me take you back, take you waaayyy back to one of my favourite times, some of my most favourite moments in time πŸ˜‰ were with this song in the background. Enjoy y’all!

10 thoughts on “Slam Saturdays: Mind Sex

  1. took a min 2 load had 2 leave da page still! but it wuz tight still! U don need 2 find him girl u can sex whichever part of me ne time just wish an ill be dere no search needed πŸ˜‰


    1. @Kinetic
      Did it? Darn I was hoping that was only my computer. Sorry about that, next week I’ll make sure it’s a faster loading video (without compromising quality, of course ;-)!!!). LOL, you know one day my boyfriend is gonna come after you at this rate!! lolol :-p


  2. WOW…yes he def gave my brain a wonderful orgasm! hehe LOL :-)He is really good and actually makes me want do my poetry online in a video. He is really good. God I love this! LOL


    1. @GinaMarie
      I know what you mean, I’m starting to seriously contemplate making up my own little spoken word video for Slam Saturdays! If you do , hit me up and let me know where I can find it, and I’ll make sure I feature it on here!!


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