Slam Saturdays: My Best Friend Hip-Hop

I love when people put their own spin on Spoken Word poetry. Like this poem. Not only do they have a story, a theme, and a message, but they (yes, there’s two of them) have coordinated their thoughts and feelings in such a totally relevant play (sort of…well…you’ll see what I mean). This Slam Saturdays poem is on a topic that’s close to every true music lovers heart: on the death of one of the genres, the sudden awareness that not only did it die, but it’s been lost to you for some time. Like the loss of a dear friend whom you don’t see daily: you’re aware they’re no longer alive, but the first time it really hits you is when you pick up the phone to give them a shout to laugh at some secret inside joke the two of you shared. You know what I’m talking about. Check these two out, young and very talented.

Hope you enjoyed this installment of Slam Saturdays! Currently, there is something wrong with my posting thingiemabob and as a result I can no longer pre set my posts to go out at the correct times. Don’t worry, you’ll still be receiving your posts each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and of COURSE Slam Saturday) but it might not be at exactly 6AM…I’ll do my best to get it out as early as humanly possible though! 😉

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!


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