The Honour System Fails

As you are well aware of, Classic Ruby is one who promotes truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But that being said, please never mistake me as the type who is so naive and blinded by the truth and the “right path” that I’m unable to see the fallacy in most human behaviour. When it comes to lying, as I’m sure you’ve noticed in life (every day of it in fact), no matter how much more complex, difficult, or unpleasant it’ll make things, people tend to lie (not me) when they develop some assinine idea that in that instant it would make things better. And for that reason, boys and girls, in most successful and populated-with-the-importants businesses and areas security and other types of enforcement just won’t take your word for it that you’re not out to do harm. Seriously. I dare you: go to a lake and stand RIGHT NEXT TO a sign that says “don’t feed the ducks” while holding a half full bag of bread. Reach your hand into the bag, then turn to face the lake and the ducks but instead of feeding the birds, feed a piece to yourself. Make sure enforcement is around. When they accuse you of breaking the park rules, explain to them you were very hungry and needed a carb rush STAT…report back to me after you’ve gone through your very first camp ground banning. LOL

But you’re good people, right? Why shouldn’t they just TRUST you? Whatever happened to the honour system? Classic Ruby decided she was gonna find out for ya….here is a VERY clear reason why that good ol’ “trust your word” system just isn’t cutting it in today’s world.

LMAO!!! Amazing, no? LOLOL….Come on now! Ok, ok…honourable mention (seriously…I would do a whole damn feature on you and 10 of your favourite friends) if you actually go to the airport and try and initiate the honour system instead of doing things in the technological way (we require proof, of course, via video footage)!

Gotta love a good laugh on a Monday!

Have a great week y’all


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