The Misunderstanding: Part 2

Finally, part two has arrived. Sorry for the week long delay, but I hope it ends up being well worth the wait! Enjoy! If you missed part one, you can catch it here.

The food court comes into view. In fact, I realize I’m a lot closer than I had noticed. Too close. I cant get the thoughts out of my mind. Forget the strip club. That wasn’t the biggest problem, the biggest lie, the biggest betrayal. I think about this for what seems an eternity, although I don’t seem to get much closer to the food court. I can’t, I suddenly realize. I cant let her know, Ive just got to stop. I’ll stop everything. If she gives me a chance, I’ll be true to her. I make the vow to myself silently, but I know I mean it.

At least I think I do. It’s hard to determine what thoughts cross your mind because you mean them, and what thoughts only occur to you because you’re in a fearful situation, because you’re confronted with the reality that is life and when given a choice between life and death you must choose life, you must choose to be an adult and make the right choice regardless of how hard it might be. But then you get a chance to come down and rethink things. You begin to think that maybe you had evaluated things a little too hastily, and when you realize you arent in imminent danger of dying you can think that those life changes you had thought up arent really necessary anymore. Until you’re confronted with another of these situations.

I realize Im making myself dizzy with these contemplations, and decide it would be best if I just make some calls now, just to be sure that I follow through. I love her. I want to change. I just cant tell her I just cant hurt her like that. She doesn’t deserve that. I fumble in my jacket pocket for my phone, and as my hand finally brushes against the antennae, I spot my girlfriend across the room, locking eyes with her. Her stare bores through my soul, and involuntarily I cringe. She seems to smirk at my discomfort, and I realize I haven’t wiped my face clean of the perspiration dripping down it, and my damp shirt was still clinging to my chest. I run my hand quickly over my face and pull my shirt away from my body. She must be having the time of her life watching me squirm this way. Not that I blame her. It strikes me that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Long, thick, luscious blonde hair, big blue eyes, ski jump nose, and pouting pink lips. Why had I never noticed how attractive she was? And all just in time to lose her love. I really dont know what to do, or what to say. As I approach the table her eyes are like ice, and her body language lets me know that there would be no polite hug or kiss. I feel the disappointment, but not for long. As she begins to speak I realize that this meeting may be more than I had bargained for.

“So. Youre here because you think that I found out about the strip clubs. Just so you know, Ive known about that for quite a long time”. She hadnt broken eye contact with him since they had first locked eyes a few moments ago. It took every inch of control she had within her to calm her shaking body, to see past the glaze of anger that overcame nearly every inch of her being. She got some satisfaction from watching the remainder of the blood drain from his face, and his eyes grow large. Now youre getting it, she thought.

“I knew youd think that when I told you that Greg told me what youve been doing behind my back that that was what I was talking about. Its not though. Although, honestly, I didnt realize you were the kind of slime who would do things like that with strippers”. She sat down, rather almost collapsed, into the seat that had its back to the washroom doors. She wanted him to see her co-conspirator before she did, to think that this was just some god-awful coincidence. Tentatively he sat down as well, although he remained on the edge of the seat, and his eyes were wary. She heard the washroom doors swing open, and there was a hard smile forming on her lips as she continued.

“You see, the problem with you is that youre careless. You think all your boys are like you, that theres some secret pact that protects your actions when youre out together. And there is. But you made a mistake. You broke a cardinal rule”. Her voice was getting more and more calm as she continued with her speech. She paused, as she saw a look of stark disbelief come over his face. He began to jiggle his leg and scratch at his face. She could tell he was trying to hide his face from the woman approaching their table, and she almost chuckled. Men are so pathetic.

“Can we, uh, can we go for a smoke. This is, uh, hard for me”. He was turning a shade of gray she had never seen on a face before. She felt somewhat sorry for him. He still hadnt made the connection between what he was seeing and what she was saying.

“Whats wrong, dear, is something in here bothering you? She swiveled in her chair, made eye contact with her co-conspirator, and gave her a quick wink and smile before allowing her expression to return to the same cold look she had been intentionally wearing as she swiveled back to face her boyfriend.

“No, no, its just that I really wanted a smoke is all. He was now practically rocking back and forth in his chair, beads of sweat collecting above his lip. His eyes were darting around, as if searching for an exit. This was going to be good.

I cant fucking believe this shit! I mean honestly, what are the chances? Everything my girlfriend was saying turns to mush as soon as I spot Morgan coming out of the washroom. Morgan, the model, who I have been sleeping with for the past few months, whom I told in the past that I loved her, whom I often times brought out with the boys rather than bringing my girlfriend. I cant believe shes. I guess its a good thing that I never called her. If I had told her I was at the mall she would have insisted on meeting with me. Then shed be looking for me. Now all I have to do is hope she doesnt spot me, since my girlfriend refuses to move. I realize that she has been talking all this time, but I havent heard her. All Ive heard is a slight buzzing in my ears. Time seems to have slowed down once again; only this time my eyes perceive the world around me with a sharpness that makes my head throb. Morgan. The other one. Here. With my girlfriend. Morgan looks at me, into my eyes, and I can tell she has spotted me. Although I look away, through my peripheral vision I can see she is still moving directly toward me. I try to focus on what my girlfriend is saying, while at the same time trying desperately to figure out a way of avoiding impending doom.

“And so Greg decided to tell me. He felt I had the right to know. And I felt she had the right to know. About me. So I know what youve been doing. Youre dirt. Youre scum. You dont deserve me”. She says this now with a triumphant smile on her face, leaning back in the chair, flicking her blond hair over her shoulders. I try desperately to process what she has just said. My breath catches in my throat as I realize she has just said she had the right to know. I think Im about to be sick. She knows, she knows, the fucking bastard told her, I cannot believe this. She knows, Morgan knows too, and the reason Morgan is laughing right now, the reason she is looking at me in this way is because shes in cahoots with my girlfriend. Morgans at our table now and my girlfriend is standing up. They’re both speaking to me, but I cant focus, I cant hear what theyre saying. Theyre faces are filled with disgust and hatred at me, they hurtle theyre words at me, and each hits with a resonant sting, burning through my flesh. I want to say sorry, I want to try and explain, I want to tell my girlfriend that Morgan meant nothing to me and that I was thinking on my walk here that I was going to break it off with her, really, because she is my world and I cant live without her. I cant live without you I want to scream, but the sound echoes through my mind, and I cant get the sound out of my lips, cant do anything but hunch over in the seat trying to breathe, trying not to cry, trying not to scream.

“You stupid, stupid, sorry son of a bitch”. My girlfriends voice says this. It rips through my heart and finally tears come to my eyes. I look up to say sorry and she is gone. I can see her and Morgan walking down the hall that I walked down to get here.

“Im sorry. You mean the world to me. God, please dont leave me. I’ll do anything. She means nothing”. My voice is barely above a whisper and I realize my hand is reaching out to her retreating form. It doesnt matter what I say. She cant hear me.

The end

Hope you enjoyed it y’all! Happy Tuesday, and have a wonderful week!


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