Classic Ruby’s Famous Baby!!!

OK, OK. So maybe I overexaggerate slightly. HOWEVER…it just so happens that some very gorgeous people were caught on TV last Thursday wearing some very attractive Classic Ruby shirts.

First of all, I must say Welcome Back to Much Music’s Rap City. T-Rexx is doing his thang and doing it well, and so far it’s been one helluva show. And you gotta love the addition of the rap battle segment. Junia-T has been reigning champ since the debut of the show 4 episodes ago, although there’s been one (with a second coming up) rematch already on account of the fact that one of the dudes didn’t say one of the required words.

Anyway, I’ll talk a lil bit more about that on another episode. For now, sit back, relax, listen to some fantastic freestyling in the video below and keep your eye out for Classic Ruby (don’t worry, it’ll be easier to spot than Where’s Waldo 😉 lol)

Did you blink a few times and miss the sightings?? LOL! Ok, Ok, I’ll give you a hint…start at 7 minutes now that you’ve already seen the battle…and there are 3 of us… my hubby, my bff, and the bag of bones that lies behind this beautiful and magical being Classic Ruby.

You see it now? WICKED!!! I know right!!?! I’m too cool for school now! :-p

Catch Rap City on Much Music Thursdays at 10pm!

…I might make another guest appearance, in the flesh or in the cartoon….who knows, really? *wink wink*


One thought on “Classic Ruby’s Famous Baby!!!

  1. Welcome back Ruby! Ive missed your writings! Your always a silver lining to my workday! And I think I saw them, it was kinda hard to tell for sure though, it was hard to see your face exactly. I know what you look like from your digital storytelling but i wanted to see an updated look. Got any still shots from your TV appearances?


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