Stagnancy, Overcome

Welcome to the new and improved Classic Ruby!!…what?…you mean, nothings changed at all? NOTHING?? Damn…well…I guess that first sentence is kinda misleading then lol. But, really, perhaps something HAS changed. Maybe I have. For a long time, I’ve tried desperately to relaunch this blog, and quite frankly the only reason I haven’t is because I couldn’t come up with one damned interesting thing to write about. Sure, lots has gone on in the world…Anyone hear the rumour that Osama is dead?…but really…who cares? Yesterday’s news is kinda like sliced bread: it was phenomenal when it was first brought to light, but now people take it for granted as just being a part of life.

As you know, this is an opinion blog, and the problem has been that, for the past long while, I haven’t had much of a describable opinion. This was beyond writer’s block, ladies and gents. It was straight out permanent brain fart. I would open up the screen for a new post and stare at it blankly, wondering what in the hell I could possibly write about that I wouldn’t be dead bored reading in 2.5 seconds. So many trials and tribulations, so many piss offs, so many messed up people doing messed up things in our messed up society. And yet, somehow or another, I was unable to break free from my silence. Creatively, spiritually, I was dead. I guess on some level I gave up hope and faith for a better tomorrow, and as a result I gave up bothering to care enough to feel passionately about anything.

But, as these things often go, something quite unexpected touched my life and managed to completely change my perspective. Suddenly, the world is no longer shades in faded matte but a bright, shining, brilliant spectrum: a collection of millions of feelings, and thoughts, and opinions, and tidbits of information collected together to form a brilliant rainbow, so despairingly beautiful, so joyously hideous, that I could not help but begin to write once again. Suddenly, it seems as though my purpose has been renewed. My hope and faith and direction have been restored.

Ever have such an epiphany? It seems soo…desirable…especially when you’re stuck in a rut. But here’s the problem: when you personally change, you want the world around you to roll with the punches. Problem is, that rarely, if ever happens. But really, if this change is permanent, there’s only really 2 choices in the matter…either the people, places and things around you choose to change, or you choose to change the people, places, and things around you. To me, that concept has been pretty damned scary to wrap my mind around…I mean, there are some things that are unchangeable…but others that you only thought were so until you suddenly find them changing, despite your desperate attempts keep them stagnant.

And that’s really the word that describes me at the moment: stagnant. I feel like me, and everything around me…has been just plain ol’ stuck. Which is fine…they can do them…but what about me? Am I still fine being stuck in the same ol’, doing the same ol’? Honestly…no. Lately, I’ve realized, well remembered really, that somewhere along the lines I lost track of the fact that I have passions. And that living without embracing those passions is kinda the equivalent of not even bothering to live at all.

I knew, my whole life, thanks to Tupac and his song Baby Don’t Cry, that I had to find a way to survive, cause they win when your soul dies…but for some reason, I only applied that to literally living, smiling, socializing etc. I forgot to apply that to the things that really define me. Like music. And writing. And acting. Singing, playing instruments. Dancing. Exploration. Learning. Math, even lol.

Stay tuned y’all, don’t worry this is remaining an opinion blog, but I figured it might be kinda interesting for y’all if you had some idea what’s going on behind the face of Classic Ruby. I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, on top of bringing back Slam Saturdays, for your entertainment pleasure. Keep your eyes out for it by the way, I am making you a solemn vow that in SOME way my very own poetry will be featured on there. Oh…and if you’re REAL lucky, I may throw in an extra post here and there πŸ˜‰

Welcome back, y’all!

I’m bringing sexy back this year lol!! Justin didn’t do it as well as I’m about to! hahaha!!


4 thoughts on “Stagnancy, Overcome

  1. Wow! i really always thought you were so full of life and energy and i hoped to be like you one day and get that extra special something that you have. you just didnt realize it was there this whole time but we could see it! and for the third time welcome back and i hope you stick around this time!


    1. I’m speechless! seems life has you going where u have always wanted to go! the little i do know about you kinda contradics you being “stagnant”, but i have only known you for a min, so my views and perceptions of you have shown tha you are anything but.. LIKE i said before “you need to sit ur ass down for a min”.. LOL anyway good to see ur expressing urself. keep hittn us with them deep thoughts.. bye mami….


      1. @ Darold

        OMG your words are priceless to me! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

        HAHHAH IKR! I do have a tendency to run my self into the ground trying to get business taken care of, but its this aspect of me, the artistic and creative side, that’s suffered. I guess joining up Word Ace was a way of me being able to connect with words, which have been such a deep part of my life since forever, without having to actually jump back in. But its people like you that inspired me, because you brought these things back out of me, made me realize who I was deep down, and how much I was yearning to be me again. So thank you, love!

        Maybe thats why you never saw it… because I was in connection with the real me whenever I spoke to you…who knows?

        And yes, I will do my darndest to keep hittin y’all with my thoughts, although in all fairness they won’t always be quite so deep lol


    2. @ Lina Lee

      OMG girl you are TOO sweet for words! Thank you so much for having my back and believing in me all this time! I promise you, third times the charm, and I am back for good. Scouts honour!

      I guess, on some level you must be right though…it was there, somewhere, I was just having trouble harnassing it! But I think I found that path, and so far in a matter of days I’ve made some power moves, my blog relaunching being one of them! Stay tuned, love…I know you will…because I think you’ll really like the changes in me! πŸ™‚


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