A Radio Star Is Born

Hey y’all,

…. sooooooo apparently video DIDN’T kill the radio star! Who knew?!

Yup, as a Xennial (cusp of generation X millennial) I was born and raised with the good old fashioned radio being the centerpiece to social and musical life. Those radio DJ’s were like a form of mythical God like creature… always in the know and ready to drop trails of deliciously delectable tidbits of truth bomb to keep you on the edge of your seat and

glued to that station… anybody who reached for that dial was asking to lose a hand!

Remember the good ol days where you’d sit glued to the radio allllll weekend, blank tape in the deck, finger resting on the play and record buttons, muscles tense and at the ready… you were making a mix tape of EPIC proportions, and come Monday you’d have people lining up to pay you 3 bucks for your expertly named “master mixed”… cover art and tape labels carefully drawn by hand and, you believed with all your soul, so convincing it looked JUST like those tape covers that the labels released to record stores.

Behold the 90’s Mix Tape… You young Millennials and Gen Z’s don’t know bout this life

But with the advent of the internet, YouTube, satellite radio, USB keys and etc etc etc, radio has all but become a distant memory to millennials… and a vague fascination to some gen Z’s. I remember having such a discussion with an 18 year old recently who told me she knew all about everything in life….5 minutes later she looked at me with a puzzled face and exclaimed “they used to have radios like… at home home? I thought radio was a car thing!!!?!”.

Yeah. Im serious. I wish I was over exaggerating… but i mean, how can i blame the youngins when i myself, a woman born and raised on radio as the pinnacle of life, can honestly say I had not listened to a radio station, except in a car, for well over a decade now… and 90% of the car tune ins are for 680 news… you know, traffic and weather together on the 10’s as in every 10 minutes. For music, in the car and otherwise, I use CD ‘s or usb keys or YouTube play lists.

But that was then and this is now. And nooowwwww… ok I’m probably horribly behind the curve on this one… but omg…

did y’all know there was this thing called INTERNET RADIO?!?!!

….I hear you snickering. I see you roll your eyes. But I genuinely didn’t know internet radio stations existed. And what’s even MORE awesome is… wait for it….waaaaiiittttt for itttt…..


Ok ok I over exaggerate… I’m definitely no creature! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Y’all Only on GSRN should definitely come check me out. Wednesday at 830 CST / 930 PST me and my cohost, Char Willie, keep you thoroughly entertained with R&B hits through the ages combined with a lil music knowledge, knowledge, current events, personal stories…. it’s all uncut and raw and real… and our deep connection to the music means you never get a subpar set… every show playlist is crafted to perfection with love and attention… and selfishly…I ONLY wanna hear the good stuff. The epic stuff. The timeless stuff… and the stuff that STILL gives me chills over how awesome it is.

What’s the show called?

Keep The Beat.

Where can you find it?

CRBJ: Classic RnB Jamz https://minnit.chat/ClassicRNBJams

When is the show?

Wednesday @ 8:30pm CST / 9:30pm EST

The best thing about internet radio? THERE’S A LIVE CHAT! That’s riiiiggghhhtttt!!!! 24/7 you can jump into the chat room and discuss the topics and music that is playing…as it plays… with other listeners and the DJ’s.

How Do I Listen To The Radio?

All you gotta do is click that little speaker/sound icon next to the smiley face and then click “Play Radio”

But Ruby… you say… I’m not free at those times but I really wanted to watch… I’m sooooo devastated now!

I feel your pain… in fact, like many people with our fast paced packed lives, even despite covid 19, it’s hard to be available at a certain time to devote your full attention. Well, our wonderful facilitator DJ Muziq AND my brilliant cohost Char have that covered! Catch replays of old shows you missed on Muziq’s Mixcloud (the full 3 hour show which is the On The Beat segment followed by my segment, Keep The Beat.. and yes sometimes you will hear my lovely lil voice in the first 1.5 hours, but DJ Muziq and Char certainly got lots of interesting topics and great music to keep you entertained!)

…and Char’s mixcloud which is just Keep The Beat aka myself and Char’s titillating songlists and storytimes which I guarantee will never disappoint… follow so you never miss a thang!

Can’t wait to see you there! Make sure you say hello in the chat… it’s a friendly bunch who are open to the voicing of all opinions, respectfully of course. #Broughtupcy

If you’re not already subscribed to my blog… well… I’d subscribe if I were you! We’ve got some exciting stuff in the pipeline and here is my solemn vow that if you wanna be in the know and don’t wanna miss a thang… keeping an eye out for updates HERE… this blog… new posts… is the best direct from Ruby’s Mouth to your mind pipeline.

In fact, I’m about to let y’all in on another weekly show… or two… that feature yours truly and that you DON’T wanna keep missing. So like, subscribe and follow for now and I’ll catch y’all in a hot second!

Cheers ✌🏽💖🍻

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