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Are You Scared of Men/Women on the DL?

in-the-closetWhile reading comments on a post from The Imperfect Enjoyment blog (check out the link a little later on), I ran across some commentary that really struck a cord with me. I began responding to that little teeny tiny point in the commentary when I realized that what I was about to say was SO far off on some pretty much entirely unrelated tangent that if I were going to even somewhat address the actual post I would have to scratch my initial comment. But, after highlighting my text, I couldn’t quite force my finger to tap that ‘delete’ key. Instead, I copied my text before deleting it and pasted it in to notepad, just so I could remember the exact position I was coming from at a later time. Since it has been stewing in my brain for long enough, I felt it would be criminal if I didn’t address the issue while it is still fresh in my mind (as are the emotions). As I’m sure you can tell from the title, we’re about to delve into the shady world of the DL (more…)

Is It In Yet??? ("Down-There" Size And Space Issues)

size-2Today, as I was re-reading one of my old Cosmo issues, I stumbled upon a “first time” blooper in which a girl is making out with her boyfriend of a few months whom she hadn’t yet had sex with when she decides she’s ready to go all the way. Lustily, she tells him that she’s ready. While that may have been music to many a man’s ear who had been waiting patiently for months for their girlfriend to be ready to get down and dirty, this man was not only unimpressed with her exclamation of readiness, he was downright crestfallen. Why? Maybe you can tell from his response to her, which was “I”m already in you. I have been for a while”. Oops!

This story is far from the first in Cosmo blooper history to recount such an experience. In fact, not only have I read this story several times to varying degrees in Cosmo, I’ve also heard the story from several of my friends over the years. And not just from women, either. I have guy friends tell me of encounters they get into where the woman they are with is so loose they often only know they are inside of her (more…)

The Stuff That Stalkers are Made From

Sometimes I am flabbergasted by the obvious insanity that I encounter on a day to day basis. The following story I am about to recount is 100% real. I have changed some of the names to protect the identity of those bat-shit crazy, overtly delusional people whose antics are being recounted within the story, however all other details will remain fully unaltered (more…)

Puppy-Dog Philanderer's: Cheating & Relationships: Part 3

Pretty valid (although I've come up against more reasons that just this). Sounds pretty petty when you put it this bluntly huh?

So, you’re in a great relationship. Your mate treats you very well, you get along great and share everything with each other, have passed that 3 year mark and are even talking about moving in with one another/getting married/having kids/__________(insert taking it to the next level example here), and then BAM!, without warning you find that your mate is spending more and more time online chatting, spending more time with a friend or co-worker, or arranging to see that play they really were dying to see with someone special-with someone else. You, being the fully secure, rational human being (more…)

Baby Mama/Daddy Diddling (Cheating & Relationships: Part 2) a time I have had a friend ask me questions about what they should do when it comes to their mate and their mate’s ex. People don’t come to me simply because I am so socially brilliant (although I’m sure that’s a part), but because I happen to be friends with most of my exes, and some of them have remained my very close friends. However, being childless, I don’t have as much experience in the baby mama/baby daddy realm. However, clearly there is more depth to the baby mama/daddy interaction, and at this age, and in this day and age (more…)

Amateur Detectivism (Cheating & Relationships: Part 1)


The longer I am alive, the more I realize that honesty and openness are not traits that come very naturally to most people, especially when it comes to relationships. After a conversation I had yesterday with yet another friend about their mates relatively obvious deceptive behaviour, I decided it was high time to explore this concept in much more detail.

What often sparks worry in someone that their mate is being less than honest normally isn’t something huge. With the passage of time, as people get more comfortable in relationships, they aren’t as driven to call each other every five seconds, or to spend every free second together. Once their (more…)

Karaoke…and NOT being a doormat (or Mattress)

Image taken from, altered by RubySo, this weekend wasn’t the most exciting, definitely not the least. But one thing I determined is that sometimes enjoyment can come in the smallest of packages. I mean, I love karaoke, love Shooters, love the company at Shooters (otherwise why would I ever return? :-p) so of course I would love karaoke at Shooters. But, I don’t know, something (more…)

Don't call me Baby

maybe in relationships you should wear one of these
maybe in relationships you should wear one of these

Oh, btw, I just wanted to share with you how irritating I find the term ‘baby’. Why is it that when two people get together they start calling each other ‘baby’ instead of by their actual names? I mean, an occasional ‘baby’ is fine, but all the time?!?!?. I think that laziness prevails and because one feels extremely comfortable with their partner their partners’ (more…)