I LOVE this movie

I’ve decided to post things, occasionally, that make me laugh.  Anyway, this wasn’t the clip I was looking for from this movie, but the whole thing is gold as far as I’m concerned.  Enjoy!

Anyone catch the moral of the story?? lol


Don't call me Baby

maybe in relationships you should wear one of these
maybe in relationships you should wear one of these

Oh, btw, I just wanted to share with you how irritating I find the term ‘baby’. Why is it that when two people get together they start calling each other ‘baby’ instead of by their actual names? I mean, an occasional ‘baby’ is fine, but all the time?!?!?. I think that laziness prevails and because one feels extremely comfortable with their partner their partners’ (more…)

I can't STAND York U!!

image from http://playshubox.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/heap-of-wrath-foul-indigested-lump-as-crooked-in-thy-manners-as-thy-shape/Ok, so to recap my week: Monday I learned that I hate York University, and I am SO glad I decided not to go there. After learning from their website I had to call in to cancel my OSAP application with them, I sat on hold for over an hour, only for them to tell me I would have to submit this request in writing. Ok, so I wanted to impress upon these people that I absolutely (more…)

Computers Suck

Ok, so after my post yesterday, and subsequent comments yesterday and today, I have drained whatever brain and typing energy I have. So, if you wanna get in to something serious or whatever, this isn’t the post–read the previous post and the comments that follow. I’ve decided to make this nice and simple. Computers suck. No really, regardless of the company, regardless of what they say the RAM or processor or whatever, they all suck. I swear if this laptop shuts down to that stupid blue screen one more time I’s seriously gonna chuck it out a window. Ok, maybe not. But only because its not mine…and mine doesn’t suck. So anyway, this is my comedic relief for today. For those of you who know me, I am in love (seriously) with the Mac PC commercials, and I love the Marvel/DC spoof on it. I also happen to love South Park, which did a cute little spoof of their own. Please enjoy, and have a great day!


Is Dirrty really dirty?

Ok, so I thought I would post the video first for those of you who aren’t into Christina and haven’t seen the video.

I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy about the video though, as not only did it start years ago, but to my surprise only a couple of weeks ago I overheard people actually having a discussion about how horrible Christina Aguilera was for (more…)

So, to explain…

Some parts of grief we must face alone
Some parts of grief we must face alone

Ok, so I thought maybe what I should do is explain where I was coming from when I said that I think saying that you know exactly what someone’s going through, or that you understand what they’re going through, is a false statement.

First off, the reasoning is illogical. If there are 2 people who each have they’re dog die (more…)

No You Don't !!!!

Ever feel this mean?
Ever feel this mean?

Don’t you just hate when someone has the nerve to say to you “I know exactly what you’re going through”. Even for someone to say that they understand what you’re going through I think is somewhat innaccurate, but I don’t find it offensive. Most of the time…Ok, fine, I only don’t find it offensive if it comes from one of my loved ones or good friends. So I’m a (more…)

A New Adventure

image from http://www.sodahead.com/living/are-you-the-type-to-overreact/question-284700/
It’s OK sweetie, its just the internet

Ok, so this is my first Blog ever. Not that I was against blogging, it was just that I couldn’t really understand the hysteria behind certain events surrounding blogs. For example-the situation involving lonelygirl15’s blog on YouTube. Who cares that she was just an actress reading a script? Honestly? Ok, I get that blogs in and of themselves are supposed to be (more…)