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Slam Sundays: Yellow Rage (P.S. They Don’t Mean the Color)


It’s funny how ethnocentric our views can be. Even when we think we are accepting and welcoming and respecting of all people, no matter their creed, race, or religion, sometimes can can inadvertently be so ignorant it’s astounding. Now, I know that I’ve mentioned this form of prejudicial obstinate attitude before, like when I told you all about the story of the pick up line that goes a little something like “I don’t date black girls, but I would TOTALLY sleep with you“. Then again, I’m well aware of when that kind of attitude is being directed at me, or people I have something in common with (based on race, religion, gender, etc.). Like most of the world though, I often remain blissfully ignorant of my ignorance until something like the following Slam Poetry video crosses my path.

Now, this one is pretty hilarious, and it’s meant to be. However,


Wino Post 101

classic-ruby-wine-glassSo this is my first wino post 101. Let me explain exactly what you’re in for. As an individual living in this cruel, cruel world, I occasionally give in to the pressure to cave in to my weaknesses and have a glass of wine or two. Or six. Simply because life can be a relatively shitty place to be, and since I have yet to find a cave on Mars in which I can comfortably close my eyes and plug my ears with my fingers while hiding under a rock, I need to have some kind of release that will let me be a little bit silly (and if we’re a little bit honest with ourselves, a wee bit mean too!!) and for once just ignore other people’s feelings and sing out a joyous “FUCK THE WORLD!!!!”, and hope that after all (more…)