Love your body….Hate compressed calculus

See, this little beauty sure knows she's loveable!!
See, this little beauty sure knows she's loveable!!

It’s funny actually because I honestly did entirely forget I even owned a blog until somebody brought it to my attention today that they were waiting patiently for my next entry. So I’ve decided to endulge you all once again and give you one of my infamous mini rants.

So yes, I am now employed and going to school full time…and what an adventure that is ending up being. I feel at times that I am like a chicken with its head cut off, like there just isn’t enough hours in the day for me to get everything done. I guess I could try and slack a little more in my social life, but if I did that then my social life would be entirely non existent. :-s

Actually, I seriously think I am starting to suffer from exhaustion. My body is just giving out and seemingly shutting down. I need to find a way to fit in more sleep without entirely failing out of school. Speaking of school…I must say that whatever jackass made up this calculus schedule was…well…a jackass. Realistically unless you breathe, eat, sleep, and poop calculus there’s no way possible that you can keep up with the schedule. Seriously. I have a feeling next semester I will be taking it again just to upgrade my mark. Stupid McMaster Calculus!

Ok, so one thing I have noticed about women since starting work is that we are all ridiculously hard on ourselves and our bodies. The nonsensical things I hear come out of some of my customers mouths, the ridiculous things they think and see about their bodies drives me absolutely batty. I mean honestly, I get that not every part of your body is your favourite, and yes you should definitely dress your body type properly.

Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty is trying to make women realize beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty is trying to make women realize beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

But damn y’all, stop being SO HARD on yourself. Sure, maybe you got some extra skin on your upper arms, it doesn’t mean the shortest sleeve you can wear is three-quarter length. And sure, you got a bit of a pooch to your tummy, doesn’t mean every shirt you wear should be 3 sizes too big so it fits like a muumuu (did I spell that right?!? who knows :-p) I mean really, I’m not tiny, I’m not perfect, I got me my bingo wings, belly bulge, and thigh cellulite, and I still manage to show some skin, dress young and fun, and nobody even gives me a second glance (unless its in appreciation!)

I guess all I’m saying is that confidence is what is really important, and self acceptance and love is what ends up shining through and making you seem attractive.

Anyway, time for bed, like always I got a busy day ahead of me.


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