Take some accountability

Before I start I just wanted to say that I think I’ve figured out why I end up not posting after a while: (and please don’t laugh or start looking for blonde roots :-p) it’s hard to remember to save your thoughts and opinions for your blog, or to remember half of your thoughts or feelings or opinions about things on command when you have an available moment to document your thought processes. I will go into this in more depth later, this isn’t the topic of discussion, I just felt like saying it, is all.

Anywho, so I am so sick and tired of this North American Society. Seriously. Like WTF is wrong with a society when it teaches everyone that they are not responsible for themselves, that there is always someone else to blame at the very least, and that after taking absolutely no accountability for our decisions and actions that we are allowed to bitch and moan profusely about the “unfairness” of our condition. Like, Seriously? (And let me just say that this isn’t even CLOSE to my only problem with this society, just happens to be the thing grinding my gears at the moment).

Sorry, I’m not explicitly trying to be offensive, but if I offend you then maybe you are one of these people who needs to stop being a pseudo victim and start being empowered.

But yeah, for example, fat people. If you are fat and happy, more power to you. Seriously. It’s not the best thing for your health, but if you can live your life and be happy with yourself, I ain’t mad at ya. But what I can’t stand are these frickin people who cover everything they eat in mayo, “don’t eat alot” but forget to count half of their impromptu snacking sessions, eat things that are like 100 calories per piece (chicken wings, in case anyone didn’t know, are crazy crazy calories), drown themselves in fruit juices, go out for drinks every weekend, 2L bottle of pop every week, and never work out except for their one “workout” of about 15 minutes where they do some half-asses crunches, and yet have the nerve to be upset and confused as to why that they are fat.

Image from http://emergingyouth.wordpress.com/2009/06/16/shift-6-from-big-to-small/

And they aren’t the worst. Seriously, they’re just irritating. It’s the ones like that dumb ass in the US who sued McDonald’s for making her kid fat. Like, seriously? Take some frigging accountability people. Put the shitty food down and make a healthy decision. Instead of watching the Biggest Loser TV show, do the Biggest Loser workout. Don’t cry that you can never find any of the pretty stuff in your size and buy yourself a target outfit in a size that the store actually carries and then moderate what you eat and exercise til you fit into it. Don’t want to do any of this? Wanna glower at the skinny ones and say “she’s so lucky she’s thin, why aren’t my genetics like hers, i hate her”? Grow the $%#@ up people. Seriously. Put up or shut up.

And it’s not just with fat people that you come into contact with these whiny individuals. Like I said, it seems as though North America is breeding this new helpless generation on purpose. And they’re like this about everything. I use the weight thing only because it’s the easiest example to illustrate my point. Like, seriously, I gained a lot of weight in 2004 very quickly (I went from 145ish to 210 pounds). I was ballooning way too quickly, so I figured it out and started monitoring my portion sizes (I don’t diet, as anyone who knows me knows…I like tasty food, and i like eating what I want when I want).

I stopped ballooning, didn’t lose anything. Did some mild working out, lost a bit, not much. I knew I wasn’t willing to work for it though so I just shut my mouth about it. It was nobody’s fault but my own, so how dare I bother them with it. I lost a lot of weight dramatically when I was working at Ricki’s last summer (6 dress sizes, 6 weeks…I know, I have no idea how it happened…I went from 185-190 to 155…LOVE it!!). But yeah, I was still monitoring portion control, and I put my all in anything I do, plus I started being more regularly active, walking more places than driving if possible etc.

The point is that even a year later, not working there, having not worked out at all until maybe a couple months ago (until ZUMBA blessed my life :-D) and managed not to get huge. Why? Because I take accountability for myself, what I eat and drink and my level of activity. I don’t wanna get fat, gotta do what I need to do. Much like I want a super sexy bikini bod by my birthday (August 2) instead of hating the “genetically gifted” I have put myself on a 4-5 day a week hardcore workout program to get to my goal. Because I take accountability. Some people should try it.

I could go on and on and on and on about this. I can’t stand it, it drives me beyond bonkers. Seriously. But enough ranting for now. (its been a while since my last “philosophical rant”, hope you enjoyed)

Have a great weekend y’all


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