You Know You Dead Azz Wrong!!!

episode-5401-momm1Yes, I have recovered from Wino Post mode and am completely ready to provide you all with a 100% sober submission. πŸ˜‰

We have all been in the position before where we have been the unfortunate witness to some crime against decency and sensibility at some point, something that left you scratching or shaking your head (SMH in blog lingo – and yes, I am unbelievably proud of myself for knowing that!) in utter disbelief that the scene displayed on your retina is accurately portraying reality. Because Who Da HELL in their right mind would do such a thing? What were they thinking? Are they serious?? Honestly I have never before been able to find a sentence that adequately describes that feeling of stunned humour-filled confusion. I think maybe it was because I was going about it the wrong way: I was trying to describe my own feelings. What I should have done was describe their actions.

And this is where the title of this post comes in nicely: When you see some crazy nonsense that is otherwise indescribable, try uttering to yourself (or out loud if you’re looking to share your brilliant and observant, and completely-unoriginal-although-your-friends-probably-don’t-know-that-so-what’s-the-harm-in-taking-a-little-undeserved-glory-and-praise-now-and-then-for-being-so-“gosh-darned-clever!”) “Boy! You KNOW you dead ass wrong!”. Seriously, test drive the sentence. It honestly very efficiently sums up all of those emotions that may otherwise have taken minutes to properly summarize, thereby killing the moment and therefore the joke. In fact, pretty much the rest of this post will have images you can scroll through while uttering this magical phrase, and if you’re as entertained by the subject matter as I have been, you can go visit the original site for more viewing hilarity.

One of the "She'd Be Cute If..." women

Speaking of which, the site which is updates daily with a dozen or more images of YKYDAW magic. Apparently, the author of the blog also has a radio show (details are on the site, however I have yet to check it out- not a big internet radio fan. In fact, the sound on my computer more often than not is set to mute). Each picture can be rated, with 5 stars being the ultimate in shameful nonsense. Each image is classified as an Episode and can be commented on. There are also certain recurring daily themes like “She’d be Cute if…” and “Caption This”. I actually subscribe to their daily update, however whenever I can I go and check out the site so I can read the other reader commentary: Too Funny!! If you peruse deep enough into the site you might actually see a few comments from me, although I generally tend to comment on only the things that inspire witty and hilarious commentary within me for fear of not measuring up to the cool kids who are clearly the regular commentators. So now you know, I don’t measure up to the cool kids in the humour ability category :*-( “All I ever wanted was to be good enough”.

Sorry, I took my moment there, now BACK TO THE FUNNY STUFF!! So I figured I’d post a bunch of my favourites (with my weak ass attempts at funny commentary) for you guys. Enjoy ’em!

WTF IS happening here, and WHY???
The funny thing is that he thinks he is still pulling off looking "Gangsta!!"
The funny thing is that he thinks he is still pulling off looking "Gangsta!!"
ROFLMAO!!!!! Wow. He's serious
WTF is wrong with people? Is nothing sacred anymore?
Who told her this was a good idea?
AWWWWWWWWK!!! My eyes! My eyes!
After throwing up a little inside my mouth, I just have to wonder how in the hell someone LET their feet get to this point
Seriously? No, like, were you drunk one day and passed out and someone did this as a joke? Cause otherwise, I don't get it. WAAAYYY too many questions, and God didn't invent enough possible answers. Period.

AND FOR MY FINAL TRICK BOYS AND GIRLS, I ask you please to examine the next pictures. The reason they have been on the site should be apparent by image three but will most definitely elude you image one.



Yes, that IS what you think it is πŸ˜‰

I almost died when I saw this one, cause I wouldn’t have guessed. At all. Ever. So then I went back and read the title “Beautiful Liar” and I was like “Ohhhhhhh!!!”. Now, for those of you whom are over the age of 18 and who STILL have no idea what’s behind the red rectangle, I will provide you a link to the image’s Unedited Version, or UV, which normally is found on the site or in your email update under the photo in question (I feel so TERRIBLE, but I can’t HELP but click and see the unedited version!!) (Guess I’m a closet perv :-p )(And no, you pervs I didn’t forget to give you guys the UV Link).

Hope you guys enjoyed the scenery at Classic Ruby today!


One thought on “You Know You Dead Azz Wrong!!!

  1. The last one was truly a shocker! My jaw hit the floor for real!!! I check out that site from time to time, but I guess I missed that day


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