Hip Hop Away From Violence program

Anybody who knows me knows that I want to be a psychologist with all my heart and soul. Only people who know me well know what my true, deep desires are (I lie; only people who have asked me know…oh, and people who have been around when I was in the mood to talk about it…OH and random strangers listening to bar talk…but then I digress). ANYWAY, so what my goal in life is, what I really want to do with all my expertise, is open up a centre.

I want this centre to be a positive outlet for youth, a place where they can go and have positive and worthwhile experiences, where they can explore and develop their talents and natural gifts. But I also want this to be a place where the youth can come and get free services that they need, 100% confidentially and money free. Services including medical, psychiatric, psychological, legal, money management, tutoring, etc. etc. And every time I see or hear about anyone on the path to attaining my dream I always feel rays of joy and sunshine pouring out of me.

Here’s one group that a friend shared with me that is seriously making a difference! Kudos guys!! Check out this video y’all. And support the cause: visit their website www.unitycharity.com

Kudos on this one guys! I am SO inspired! Gotta keep on trucking, get to this Ph.D. for sure now!

Hope you were all as inspired as I was.


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