Fake Cancer? Can Anyone Say “Dirt-Bag”?

I have been hearing about this girl over the past week I was away, and although she makes me sick I keep perusing the reports. Mostly because I just want to know why. Why on earth did you do this, how could you? I still have yet to find that answer (and don’t suppose I’ll find a decent one ever, after all, what answer is there that would satisfy anyone?) but I did stumble across this article. Check it out and then you can read my personal response to it.

News: Should we have sympathy for the girl who faked cancer?

Hundreds of charitable people have been duped into donating money to a woman who allegedly faked a cancer diagnosis—but some people on Facebook are saying she should be forgiven.

Ashley Anne Kirilow, 23, of Burlington, Ont., who will appear in court today on fraud charges, reportedly claimed that she had breast cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer stomach cancer and ovarian cancer in various combinations, even going so far as to shave her head and pluck her eyebrows and eyelashes to appear as though she’d been through chemo.

Friends and family held benefits to raise money to help her through her illness and she started a charity on Facebook called “Change for a Cure,” claiming she was raising money for cancer research. But Kirilow has admitted to the Toronto Star that she did not have cancer at all and that she has spent the money she raised. Volunteers for her charity say that she raised about $20,000, but Kirilow says it was no more than $4,000, reports the Star.

Kirilow told the Star that she is sorry for what she has done and blames a difficult childhood for her behaviour. Indeed she should be very sorry. But should we view this scheme as a cry for help or a straight-up con? Members on the “Change for a Cure” Facebook page have opened up discussions about what Kirlow has done—some are outraged, calling Kirilow “useless waist [sic] of space.” But others are surprisingly compassionate. “I feel all she wanted was attention, and did what she thought was right to gain it… let’s not let hate and anger eat at our souls,” says member Moustafa Sayegh in a post on the group’s discussion board.

What do you think? Was this a cry for help from a troubled girl or a scam by a clever grifter?

Original article and comments relating to it can be found here.

I’m sorry, but I have zero compassion for this girl. Not only did she defraud thousands of people not only monetarily but emotionally, she also bastardized a very serious disease with very devastating consequences for some petty personal gain. I don’t honestly give a shit one way or another whether she did it for money, attention, etc. she’s still DEAD WRONG and this is a very bright and shiny example of taking things too far. Not that I’m saying it’s a good thing to fake being sick. Ever. But I could try my best (try being the operative word) to be vaguely understanding or even feel a little sorry for her if I had heard she faked an illness for the attention and caring and left it at that. But to fake the effects of chemo, ripping out your eyelashes and eyebrows for authenticity purposes? So you can start your own little charity, get money from people, and then blow it all on what? Some fancy clothes? How did she look in the mirror each morning without getting violently ill at the sight of her own reflection? Just knowing I was pretending to be so ill, thinking of all the people who were hurting inside for me, praying for me to get better, when it’s all a ruse…seriously I don’t think I could live with myself. I don’t know how she sleeps at night. I really don’t.

before she decided to fake cancer

Not that I would wish cancer on anyone, but someone who so callously fakes all the symptoms and ordeals of cancer and milks profit from it to boot deserves whatever she gets. The saddest thing for her would be if she legitimately got ill. Which again, I’m not necessarily wishing illness on her. I just think it would serve her right. But if she ever did get really sick, nobody would ever believe her. She would have to suffer it alone, and in silence, knowing that she wasted all the love and attention that she now needs when she didn’t deserve it. And she would deserve people not believing her, mark my words. Not just because she’s a piece of dirt who faked cancer, but because now she’s put doubt in the minds of every person who has heard about this girl. People will now always have an inkling that: young girl, looks sick, but she COULD be faking! Nice charity, awesome cause, but I won’t donate because it MIGHT be a ruse! She’s pretty much f***** it up for every other sick person on the face of the planet because she wanted a fancy night out. Or whatever. Who cares why she wanted the money? Sure, maybe its a drug problem. But I doubt it.

Drug addicts could never have pulled this kind of long term planning, and slow, steadfast dedication off. And I’m sorry, but IMO drug addiction isn’t an excuse for this kinda lowdown dirty crap anyway. There just isn’t an excuse. Unless she was pretending to have cancer to raise money for a cancer patient who couldn’t afford their chemotherapy (which I’m pretty sure would be free in Ontario anyway, but that’s beyond the point) or treatments or whatever but didn’t want all the publicity, I say BURN BABY BURN! I don’t have cancer, hell cancer hasn’t really touched my life like that. But I’m telling you, I take that shit SERIOUSLY. Very. It’s not some joke, its the real deal. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the fear, the pain, the anger, the sadness, the everything that rolls through those whose lives are affected by cancer, and I wouldn’t even TRY to compare it to something I’ve ever experienced. Nor can I imagine how terribly violated and outraged those people feel right now when hearing about this girl. But I know what it is to be sick (like I said, nowhere near cancer) and I know how much it affects me, hurt my soul and those around me, how hard it’s been to deal with. And I know how outraged and violated I feel that a young girl practically just down the street from me has been playing patient while I’ve been sitting here legitimately sick and looking for an answer.

Whatever the maximum is, I hope she gets it.

But I agree with one thing. Let’s not let hate burn through our souls, hold on to this and let it seethe. Why should we give her the satisfaction, she certainly didn’t give a flying f*** about us or our feelings?

So on that note I say

Have a happy Monday and a great week y’all


7 thoughts on “Fake Cancer? Can Anyone Say “Dirt-Bag”?

    1. @Kinetic

      I can understand the ill wishes on her, what she has done is down low. Like, core of the earth low. But I don’t think wishing bad things on her will do anything but bring bad karma back on you…not like I’d be crying or even mildly sniffle if something bad happened to her (like I said, I think she has it coming, pretending she has cancer)..


  1. let me open with this. A young boy gets to experience the intimate touch of priest (I use this ex. Because most people know it.). That boy becomes teacher and enjoys YOUR son. Can you forgive him??? First fraud is a crime. I live in new york where car insurance kills and I’m told I have to pay more money because I live 1/4 mile to some projects. I have a serious problem too. I need my car to get to work but i can’t afford it. Take the bus, gotta get up early to do that. Get up early slack off at the office loose my job. Guess i can fake an accident. Whats $20000?:) People, who is wrong? The compaanies that gave her money should know the word ” due diligence”. I know they are NOT PERFECT, but if my doctor says I’m dead in X amount of days. It will be backed up with paper work. So as a non profit you have a responsibility to every one to make your choices based on a fact not artistic and theatrical performance. Now to those individuals who gave money I hope that you gave because she needed help and not


  2. Because mom and dad had cancer. Money is nothing. It can be made again. She robbed those who suffer the right to someone sympathetic and care enough to risk humility to make them feel whole if but a moment. Id give her a car, let her grow her hair to its luster, and have her wear those clothing every day to work to care for kemo patients that had to walk in. Wash the scalp of those parting with their hair unwilling. Launder the clothing of those that cant afford it because med bills too high. Remember this. lions can befriend a man. Vultures will be eaten by their own even as they die. If you forgive, I aasume its not because you were planning a similar deed. Don’t forgive then have the same stance if your parent or child did the same.


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