Ruby Rant: Don’t Waste My *$%#@^&@*@&$% Time

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I’ve accepted that the world doesn’t revolve around me. And if it doesn’t revolve around me, it sure as hell doesn’t revolve around you. I don’t know why this concept is so difficult for people to understand, to wrap their minds around. You should always make yourself a priority, of course. Take care of you and what’s important to you, etc. etc.: but that DOESN’T mean the cost of your happiness should be at the expense of someone else. And just because you’re not stealing from someone, or exploiting them, or causing some kind of bodily harm to them doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Because, honestly, just like your time needs to be balanced and divided up amongst all the important things going on in your day, so does everyone else’s. As the saying goes, time is money. Time is important. And if you say you’re going to share a bit of your time with me, I feel honored.

If you say you’re going to share a bit of time with me, I schedule you into my day as well. I put things off, rearrange them, tell other people I’ve already made plans, all so I can make you a part of my day. I figure you’ve done the same thing as well. Which is WHY I feel so special when you’re gonna do all that for lil ol’ me. But if I’ve gone through all that trouble, the least you could do is bother to show up somewhere NEAR on time. Or at all. Otherwise I’ve sat around like an ass all day long, burning time and energy and effort while I could have been doing something else equally, or hell even MORE, important than waiting for you. And trust me, I have WAY better and more important things to do than chilling with you. Why do people tend to think they’re SO damned important that other people will be perfectly cool just chilling and waiting for them until they feel like showing up hours late, or worse, being blown off at the last moment simply because they’re no longer in the mood to do XYZ plans, or because something else came up? Maybe it’s a superiority complex. Or maybe they’re just so damned inconsiderate that other people’s feelings never manage to make it in to the equation.

Normally I would just tell these people where to go, and what to shove up their asses while they’re on their way there. And then (since I don’t deal with jerkiness too well) I’d probably just not bother with them. Ever again, or for a while until I think that perhaps they’ve managed to compute in their selfish little brains that I’m a person, with a life of my own, and being a part of it is a privilege, not a right. But then you have those people who blow you off because they’re supposed to do you a favor, and because it’s not for their life it’s not seen as a priority to them. Like, I’m not supposed to be pissed off that you’ve done a last minute reschedule or cancellation of this important thing in MY LIFE just because it was supposed to be something you were doing to help me out? Because you didn’t have to agree to do it in the first place? The problem is, I end up feeling like I can’t rant and rave and spit expletives at them for just that reason. They don’t owe me a damn thing at the end of the day. They don’t HAVE to do something for me, and the fact that they offered was more than generous of them. They don’t have to give a flying fish about me. But at the end of the day, the FACT that they couldn’t have cared less about a plan with me, my time, AND my life and an important thing within it, only irks me more. It’s like a double slap in the face.

Seriously people, if you don’t want to do a favor for someone, don’t. But tell them in advance, give them the notice they deserve so that way they can make alternative arrangements. Because if you don’t you’re being a seriously narcissistic piece of crap (what? you think I need you so badly you can just fuck around with my time and life until it’s convenient for you? Ummm…no). And if you’re not going to make it to something (on time or at all) again, give notice. You’re supposed to be there at 7…don’t call at 8:30 saying you’re running behind but that you’ll be on your way soon. That just makes you an inconsiderate prick. You knew damn well at 6:30 (if not earlier) that you weren’t gonna be on time, so call then. Same goes if you’re going to cancel. Don’t cancel plans last minute…cancel much earlier in the day, or even the day before if possible. And if shit hit the fan (seriously) cause it does on occasion happen, apologize profusely, giving recognition to the fact that you know you’re being a complete dick.

In conclusion boys and girls, don’t waste my &$^#%@*$&*#&@ time. It’s completely avoidable. If I have to sit around like a clown waiting after making YOU my priority, it’s gonna be BEYOND a piss-off that you couldn’t bother to make me yours (and trust me, a prompt phone call goes a LOOOONG way- PROMPT being the operative word…if I’ve already spent hours waiting for you I don’t really give a shit that you’re calling now…I’ve already figured out that you’re a butt face and you’re a flake, your call only comes as confirmation of that fact). The damage is even worse if you don’t bother to show up at all. And if you screw me over when you’re supposed to do me a favor to boot… don’t expect shit from me. Ever again. Because you don’t deserve it. Apparently you didn’t think I deserved it, and karma’s a bitch.


I love Ruby Rants. I really, really do. I have to work some more into my schedule… since I should soon have some extra freed up space. LOL. Seriously though, I can actually feel the tension roll out of my neck and back. Now I feel all warm and mushy inside. I’m gonna go make some tea and have a slice of cake! (anyone reminded of a temper tantrum?? LOLOL :-p)

Happy Wednesday Y’all


3 thoughts on “Ruby Rant: Don’t Waste My *$%#@^&@*@&$% Time

  1. Your good for waiting 30min. Ive had dates where i show up 10min early. Then wait and wait and wait. Well its 1:05 she said 1:00 she didnt call. Ok time to go home. 🙂


  2. Your good for waiting 30min. Ive had dates where i show up 10min early. Then wait and wait and wait. Well its 1:05 she said 1:00 she didnt call. Ok time to go home. 🙂 dont let people waste your time.


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