Slam Sundays: Things I’m Ashamed of and Things That Don’t Shame Me (Even if YOU Think They Should)

So. I was gonna do a deep and meaningful Slam Sundays. I really, truly was. But I just love this chicks style so very, very much. I was beyond entertained, and I think we all deserve to catch a message and a chuckle. That, and I’ve come down with the flu and feel like death on wheels. Soooooo I’ll save that whole deep and meaningful theme for next week and instead throw some “just because they’re entertaining as hell” poetry slams your way. So check it out y’all, and enjoy!

See? Tell me you didn’t laugh, at least twice. Ok, so the next one, was funny and yet awesome, in the fact that it’s actually social commentary on a whole different type of “ism”. Hmmmm, what could I call it? Speakism? Where one is discriminated against for a speech impediment or difference. The sad thing is, there doesn’t seem to be a culture or country where this kind of discrimination, including public mockery, or not so polite comments from people who don’t know you from Adam. But, either way, this guy manages to blow that all out of the water and give you a little giggle. Check it out!

See what I mean? I bet whichever business minding jackass who said that probably feels like a complete turd at this point lol. I mean, seriously, why does society continue to ostracize or invalidate or otherwise put down people based on things they have no control over, in situations where those things really don’t make a damn difference, either way? Sigh. Gotta love people. But man, I applaud this guy for speaking up, not getting all snivelly and offended, but basically sticking out his tongue and saying “neener, neener neener!” and “look what I can do! better than anything you could DREAM of buddy…oh yeah, and thanks for inspiring my latest success…enjoy your talent of channel and couch surfing!”

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the vids, and stay tuned, every weekend a new Slam Installment will be coming to you! If you’ve got any input on what you thought of the videos, feel free to comment, or if you have a private comment, or want to give any suggestions, you can also contact me via my Contact Ruby page, which has a direct link to email me.

Happy Sunday y’all!


6 thoughts on “Slam Sundays: Things I’m Ashamed of and Things That Don’t Shame Me (Even if YOU Think They Should)

  1. This shit is so amazing thank you for bringing it up to everyone’s attention. I hope you provide more of this in the future it shows that you are maybe not as shallow as it seems on the surface.


    1. Lol. I totally don’t seem shallow on the surface *checks reflection in mirror*.. seriously though, maybe peruse a few more of my posts, you might see that there are many complicated sides to this interesting yet insane individual classic ruby.

      But I’m glad you liked the videos, tune in next weekend for some more slam poetry videos, or click the slam category in the drop down menu to check out all the previous slam poetry videos posted!


  2. Very lovely indeed. A good way to open the mind on a Sunday. I love your comments I agree totally worth what you’re saying. Truly an inspiration to us all. I wish I had half the mind you did. Do your thing ruby.


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