Hate Valentine’s Day ‘Cause You Analyze TOO Damn Much???

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This Valentine’s Day, I think rather than focusing on the things that can make love between the races/cultures different, we should focus on some universal questions that we should all be asking ourselves when we’re evaluating either our relationships this V-Day and celebrating/lamenting our love (lost), or figuring out exactly how to prevent our lack of a significant other cloud our judgment to the point where perhaps we end up doing something we regret.

But really, what is love? Let’s pretend that Valentine’s Day isn’t some bastardized commercially driven holiday. Let’s pretend it’s really all about love. At what point in your life, in your relationships development do you think that you’ve actually attained the kind of love that on some level we all hold up as the standard of perfection? Should it be based on things like extreme actions that you’d be willing to take, in that there is no longer such a thing as a measure too extreme to protect them or defend their honour or prove your love? Are in you in  perfect kind of love when you would  kill for someone you love, or have you just crossed over into insanity? Or is there some middle ground where, in some cases no measure should be too extreme, but that doesn’t apply to EVERYTHING MANGGG!!!???!!??

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What about if you would literally die from a broken heart if you ever lost them tragically and/or permanently? Your body can’t hold on without them. There literally is no you without them.

Previously I’ve broken down V-Day into an easy, no muss no fuss sort of coping guide, for any relationship status. But so many posts have happened since then, and so much analysis has gone into this whole love and relationship thing, as well as so much research, that I just can’t leave it at that anymore. You’re single, but to your standards you’re a catch in a half. I’m sure you ply yourself with ice cream lamenting that all men are dogs, or all the good ones are taken. And women are either undercover hoes or prostitutes. And maybe it IS mostly them. But it’s also probably at least a little bit you, too! Unless you’ve finally had your aha! moment when you’ve realized that, if the majority of your friends are in happy, healthy relationships, then OMG its NOT them…it really IS all YOU!

Of course, there is the popular opinion (at least according to an interesting article in Cosmo) that every single woman is a prostitute, although maybe not in the way you think. And I think there are enough men AND women who have done enough amateur detective work to prove that fidelity isn’t always something you can count on. So maybe you’ve been burned. Maybe that has you putting up a wall of defense around your heart. Nobody EVER gets too close, and if they do you just remind em “don’t you call me baby again, or I swear I will cut out your tongue”.

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Ok, new relationships are always daunting. New person, new habits, fear of rejection, fear of too much enthusiasm. Fear of a VERY awkward first time with them that involves the question ” is…is it IN yet???” , cause really things were totally going great between y’all…but how in the HELL do you recover from something like that? Seriously? But at the same time it’s definitely worth the risk. Not only could it turn into something absolutely magical, the soulmate of your dreams, at the very least if you don’t hold out too long before getting back up on that horse, you won’t end up taking a very sloppy roll in the hay with your best guy/gal pal, destroying what could have been a beautiful thing…the world’s first lifelong strictly platonic friendship, allowing us to stop calling it the almighty myth of the platonic friend.

At the end of it all though, this could simply be just a day, no more depressing or stressful than St. Patty’s day. Get dressed up in red and white and pink, exchange goofy valentine’s day cards with some friends at work, and then move on.

And if you can’t help it, buy that gallon of ice cream or beer on the way home. We won’t tell. *wink wink*

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A Valentine’s Day video y’all…for those of you who feel that Valentine’s Day sucks. And for those who want to celebrate without making it suck, technically these are all tips for y’all too!


Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all, and TGIF!!


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