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The Top 5 Designer Drugs Smart People Don’t Mess With

I’ll be honest with you: I have never tried a real drug before in my life. With the exception of marijuana and hash. Which I did in high school, but haven’t done in several years now. I really don’t like the concept, or the feel of drugs. The idea that something is going to alter my brain chemistry in such a way that I literally will not be able to think like myself, or to control anything that I think or do, leaves me uneasy. And slightly terrified. And, throwing in another piece of honesty here, I’ve always kinda imagined that, if someone was going to take a drug and then jump off a 20-story building cause they think they can fly, it’ll probably be me. So, to stay alive and avoid being broken, either mentally or physically, for life, I just say no to drugs. However, I’m not preachy or judgy about it. If you ask me my opinion I’ll tell ya. If you’re doing something that will endanger you, or people around you, I’ll speak up. And if you’re going to do drugs, I will not leave myself in a position where you can harm me in any way. Other than that, I’m all about live and let live.

However, this new trend of designer drugs sweeping the nations is from another planet. When you check out the videos below, you’ll see what I mean. Not that I thought people trying to sell their babies for crack or their bodies for some smack was cute or anything, but WTF are these new drugs turning otherwise decent human beings into? From terribly dangerous health positions to violence and cannibalism, it seems like (more…)

Slam Sundays: On Feminism/Feminazis


Since last week, and after several posts I’ve written (check them out here and here), I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking on what feminists really mean to me. So hey, why not make my first Slam Sundays back ALLLLLL about feminists? Ok, so this first one, I think, kinda illustrates exactly what drives the feminazi to her extremes. Her original commitment to feminism wasn’t all about nitpicking and taking offense to clearly inoffensive things, or calling “misogyny!” on anything that has anything to do with women, unless a feminist said it. No. However, this satyric Slam Poem may help you understand the f&$#*# up thinking and rationale that can be encountered after claiming “feminist”, and why their back is up and they feel the need to war, fight, and defend every moment of every woman’s existence…even when, upon some time and rational thought, they’d probably realize that some of those wars really have nothing to do with their cause. Like how the weapons of mass destruction search really had nothing to do with anything but hijacking some oil.

Seems extreme, no? But I have personally heard some very stupid men say almost the exact same thing, when referring to feminists (not feminazi’s..but true feminists)…and when referring to lesbians. Ok, so this next video

God, Please Let The PJ’s-in-Public Trend End!!!

If you had time and money to perfectly color-coordinate your outfit, you've got five seconds to find a pair of pants
If you had time and money to perfectly color-coordinate your outfit, you’ve got five seconds to find a pair of pants

Hey y’all,

Ok, so this Freaky Friday, in this brutally, brittle cold month of January, with this death virus circling around and claiming people left and right, I feel like it’s high time for a little giggle. So, I’m gonna talk about something we all know is being taken waaayyyyyy too far. If the picture wasn’t clue enough for you, maybe you need a little bit of a vacation, because your attention to detail is a little shot, buddy. And no, the answer isn’t Sesame Street..that’s right, it’s the blight to our society: wearing your PJ’s in public. Now, while I do have a hilarious little video clip later on, this is NOT a joking matter, people. First, we had the craze of the negligee dress and tank top. Then we went the whole other way on the whole bedroom attire in public thing, from female and overly sexy, bordering on slutty, to unisex and damn near sloppy, with pajama bottoms for everyone! And not just to run to the store quickly, or to roll into your 8am class and then run home to actually get dressed like a decent human being before really starting your day. No no. Let’s intentionally make the plan that today, from morning til night, I will be dressed as though I am lounging in front of my TV. With the flu. Because why else would you spend the entire day in your pajamas, even if you’re not leaving home. Have you not heard of jogging pants? (more…)

Racists are Morons: but Knowing Basic English in Customer-focused Jobs a Must

Hey y’all,

I’m going to preface this post by saying, I am 100% positive that 99.99% of the times that someone precedes their story or comment with “I’m not racist, but..” or “And this is not racist”… they are about to say something so damn offensive, so blatantly racist, that people from every race cringe when hearing it, deadpan, eyes widened with jaw a little slack, wondering “are they stupid, kidding, or really just that ignorant to their own closet racism???”. But, there is that 0.01% of the times that whatever is going to come out of the sayers mouth will have to do with race or culture on some level, without being racist or abusing some form of stereotype. Today, I will be that 0.01%. I swear it. So before writing off my entire rant as racist, please hear me out til the end. Because honestly…

I am not racist. Seriously. Racist commentary from other people really and truly offends me. In fact, I generally frown upon, whether in jest or being serious, drawing upon stereotypes or biased opinions about an entire culture by using one or a few people within that group to generalize (more…)

For The Love of God, Stop Misusing the Feminist Card

Beforefeminism I say anything else, let me start off by saying I’m all for Human Rights, as a whole, be it women’s rights, rights for minorities, rights for those with alternate genders, sexualities, religious beliefs, and just about anything that involves the betterment of human kind that does not involve harming or infringing on the rights or well being of others. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have opinions, nor does believing in everyone having equal rights mean that in some way either I must think exactly anything relating to that group of people and what they do should be not only legal, not only socially acceptable, but should in fact be glorified as the only way to live, and curse those who may think otherwise.

Especially when those thoughts being in conflict would in no way, shape or form harm anyone on any level. And really (more…)

The Fallacy of Jealousy

My life in the past several months has been more than hectic, and as I said before I’ve got a LOT to share with you. I’ve sat pondering for several weeks trying to come up with my debut topic…all to no avail. I mean, after leaving the blogging world for such a long time, I can’t just come back with some wishy-washy white toast topic. Nor can I just assault your moralities and senses with another delicious taste of Ruby Ranting. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere I remembered a conversation I had with a friend recently. And for some reason, it was bugging the living crap outta me. I couldn’t put my finger on it until just now (it’s almost 3AM right now), and as soon as I realized just where the flaw in my friends reasoning was, and just how often I had encountered similar nonsensical blathering over the past few months, I decided that this was it. I was gonna write about it, and NOW. As I’m sure you figured out from the title, this post is all about jealousy, and the fallacious reasoning people who hide behind their jealousy use to avoid actually manning up and taking responsibility for themselves and their positions in life. (more…)

Slam Saturdays

To take a break from all the sex sex sex (lol) I thought I would take a little return to some deep social commentary. Check this one out y’all, I promise it won’t disappoint!

Damn! Awesome, right?

All that contemplation has got me mad hungry! *skips off merrily to the bathroom to get all dolled up for a Red Lobster FEAST!!!*

Have a great weekend y’all