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New Laws Give Cab Driver’s the Green Light to Discriminate Against YOU!

ImageYes, you read that correctly. The taxi cab industry in Toronto is getting an overhaul. They’ve proposed many a change, which you can check out a summary here in this article, or take a look at ALL the proposed changes in detail here, most which will more directly impact the cab drivers themselves. However, some of those changes will impact the customers, and while some of the changes will be for the better (like mandatory accessibility for disabled persons) others…not so much. I can see some issues arising with their $25 fee for anyone who “soils” the cab primarily because…seriously?…if you’re drunk enough to puke in the cab to begin with, what’s the honest-to-God likelihood you’ll remember doing so in 10 minutes? And if you don’t believe you were the soiler, either from pure blackout drunkenness, or because you literally think you did not make whatever mess the cabbie is complaining about (because the actual law isn’t limited to puke: it does actually say soil), then what happens, an automatic trip to the cop shop to sort things out at 3am? However, issues aside, I can completely understand the validity behind imposing it, and a simple solution to any disputes (I mean, it’s pretty cut and dry and the end of the day, especially if you have an in-cab video camera…either you did it, or you didn’t. And bro? You puke in my car, your bill ends up being FAR greater than that, and is accompanied by me showing up at your door in the morning, handing you a scrub brush and some cleaning shit, and giving you the silent treatment til that god awful smell is fully gone).

But, the one thing I take MAJOR issue with, is the new law which will allow a cabbie to bill you upfront $25 based on whether or not in his opinion you will run out on your fare or not. And, of course, that judgment will be completely arbitrary. Basically, said cabbie gets to (more…)

Fake Cancer? Can Anyone Say “Dirt-Bag”?

I have been hearing about this girl over the past week I was away, and although she makes me sick I keep perusing the reports. Mostly because I just want to know why. Why on earth did you do this, how could you? I still have yet to find that answer (and don’t suppose I’ll find a decent one ever, after all, what answer is there that would satisfy anyone?) but I did stumble across this article. Check it out and then you can read my personal response to it.

News: Should we have sympathy for the girl who faked cancer?

Hundreds of charitable people have been duped into donating money to a woman who allegedly faked a cancer diagnosis—but some people on Facebook are saying she should be forgiven. (more…)

LuLu Lemon Yoga Pants = Fatal Attraction

They don’t look all that special, do they? I mean, honestly, for the outrageous astronomical price for one pair of stretchy yoga pants, you’d swear that there was gold weaved into the seams. Well, apparently, while there isn’t gold, there IS some metal. Seriously. The need for metal in yoga pants confuses me. Wouldn’t metal make you stiffer, less able to bend and move as required? Well, apparently not, as LuLu Lemon fans would tell you, they are absolutely the most comfortable stretchy pants on the face of the planet. As my sister once told me while clad in her royalty ready black yoga’s “It’s like you’re wearing nothing at all”. And while you all might be more familiar with that line from a Simpson’s episode where Homer exclaims “stupid sexy Flanders” (more…)

101 Dalmations (OK, this has NOTHING to do with dogs lol)

Because this is my 101 post, and 101 reminds me of dalmations with their black and white spots, I decided this post would be as black and white as possible, and I would try and get damn near 101 somethings…I’ll tell you what 101 I made it to at the end of the day ;-).

I’m wondering this morning why it is that some people insist on making fools of themselves. I understand wanting to have all the attention on you, but when you just end up being the butt of everyone’s joke, the drunken slob who’s good to laugh AT not WITH…I don’t see how it’s possible that you’re able to wake up in the morning and respect yourself. Seriously. And I don’t feel bad for treating these people like the sideshow freaks that they’re so determined to act like…obviously they’re going way out of their way for attention, be it good or bad, and who am I to get in the way of them reaching their goal? (more…)

This Dad Sure Delivered!!!!

Occassionally on Mondays it’s nice to hear about a nice, cute, inspirational thing that happened. I spoke with a friend of mine on MSN today after not having spoke with him in quite a while. In fact, the last time I had a conversation with him he told me that his wife was pregnant with their second child. So, of course, the first questions I had were “Sooo…your wife had the baby, right? Was it a boy or a girl? When was it born? What did you name it?” and eagerly hit ‘send’. The little ‘replying’ bubble popped up in the corner and I reread my response quickly to make sure that in my excitement I hadn’t accidentally sent off some gibberish which he was currently reading while staring at the screen quizzically, trying to decide whether to make a guess at what my message was or to just respond with a ‘what?’ so that way I would repeat what I said, hopefully more carefully and therefore clearly (more…)

Dying Of Broken Heart Syndrome (literally)

Is there some truth to that old wives tale? You know, the one that goes something like this: ‘ Two soulmates can’t live without eachother. So when one dies, the other will very soon follow suit’. Normally, we hear about this with old married couples who have spent the past 40 years married and devoted to one another. Then one, tragically, comes down with some fatal illness or very suddenly passes away in some type of traumatic accident or even silently in their sleep from a stroke. The now widowed lover almost overnight loses all of their life and resilience, and seems to have joined the team of the walking dead. It’s like they  no longer have any will to survive. And then, less than a year later, they just — give out. Without any prior history of heart disease they have a massive coronary and die. With otherwise healthy lungs they suddenly (more…)

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drink And Drive This Weekend

Here’s the thing: before you read this post, I want you to understand I am not one of those preachy “don’t have a glass of wine and then drive or you’ll DIE” kinda people. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. I think there are several factors that go in to whether or not someone is too intoxicated to drive. I mean, you have body weight, what you’re drinking, how long you’re drinking it for, and previous exposure. Now, don’t think that I’m saying just cause you’re used to drinking a keg all by your lonesome each night it means that eventually you’ll be able to do so and afterwards be sober enough to drive. However, if you regularly down a couple pitchers a few nights a week, after a few beers you’re probably not phased (or are-but barely). Now, if you NEVER drink at all, or very rarely like on special occasions only, you’re a lot more likely to be completely flat on your ass after pint #2. In conclusion (more…)

You Think YOUR Eyes Never Deceive You? Think Again!

Ok, seriously, this commercial pisses me off. For several reasons. First, because the first time I watched it I was only very barely casually watching. So when I realized the big HUGE black hole in my vision, I was dumbfounded. Seriously, I know all about the experiment that illustrates that this phenomenon actually occurs in real life situations, but seriously? Against an all white screen? I just HAD to see it again. But I didn’t wanna cheat. I was not going to find it on youtube prepare myself and then pause it at the exact moment where my perceptual black hole had missed the hippo. I wasn’t. I was going to see it on TV and I was going to catch it, and then I was gonna be all “OHHHHH!!! I see!!”.

The problem was, every damn time the stupid thing came on, I never really caught on it was the same commercial until the rabbit was already at the end of its first run and they were asking if we (more…)

Jamaican Cheese A Lie?? Say It Ain't So!!

bun-and-cheeseHey y’all! Sorry for the long hiatus, but with Good Friday, Easter, and a bunch of birthday parties I haven’t had much time to do anything other than run around like a chicken with my head cut off and then recover. But, my little blogging vacation has come to an end, and I promise never to take such an extended one without a little warning first! Now that we’ve gotten that all out of the way, we can get right into my little Easter special. Ok, I get it. Easter is long over, and the last thing you want to do is hear about my cutesy little Easter holiday stories, or about what Jesus means to me. And don’t worry – I have no intention whatsoever of even remotely mentioning any of the above. Actually, what I wanna talk about is Jamaican cheese (more…)

Terrifying New Stalker Tool Right @ the Tip of Your Fingers

cyberstalkOk, seriously, I think we’ve gone WAAYYY too far with technology and what we want it to do for us. And in the process we’ve apparently lost perspective that for every good use of a technological advance there are at least 3 VERY evil ways it can be used, and a minimum of 10 ways in which said technology can be manipulated not necessarily for evil but rather for less than honest intentions. Now, this newest invention, this newest fast, fun, and fancy free app for IPhone, has to be the poster child for numbskullery and ‘not thinking things through in an attempt to be the COOLEST EVER’. (more…)