Slam Sundays: Proud to Be ME – Whatever That May or May Not Be


This slam poet will knock your socks off, and boy am I happy to introduce him to my slam series with such a bang! This Black History Month, I’ve been on a journey of discovery. Not just to either learn or to reacquaint myself with the history of black people within North American Society, but to explore in-depth the issues that a black North American faces in today’s world. In this process, which I have shared with you step-by-step, I have also gotten a chance to learn a great deal about the many, many opinions you guys have, and the variety of reasons behind those thoughts and opinions. I am always so honoured when you choose to share a little piece of yourselves with me. Not only am I getting the chance to share in your insight, but you often give me a chance to further reflect on whatever topic of discussion we have at hand that day. So thank you all for that, and I look forward to hearing from you all on the rest of this journey.

So back to this Slam Sundays featured artist. His name is Boonaa Mohammed, and I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform in person. His style, his flow, are smooth as butter. But more importantly, there’s a raw, genuine honesty to his messages, an almost “broken down to laymen’s terms” version everyone can understand, it is just that black and white. In this poem he addresses many of the topics we’ve gone through, or will, this month, and makes them so relateable it’s crazy. I’ll give you a lil’ hint: stop TRYING to be, and just be whatever you may be. Enjoy!

Boonaa Mohammed  – My Theory


I’m telling you guys, it was like he was channeling my spirit or something. But, like, the better, far improved version of me, of course. lol. Ok seriously though, I’m glad I’ve gotten a chance to share this poet with you. Keep an eye out, I’m sure you’re gonna see him around in the future!

Happy Sunday Y’all!


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